Lucid Dream Ritual

So , as I’v said , since I started trying to astral project , I’v started having regular lucid dreams. I now have completely lucid dreams about 3 times a week , which I love. So while chatting on here I thought wouldn’t it be really cool to perform an evocation in a lucid dream . It’s been an interesting experience.
I watched myself fall asleep . This is how I usually get lucid dreams. Firstly , I lie on my back on my bedroom floor , which is wooden , so no cushioning carpet & I set my alarm for 10 mins. After the 10 mins, when you get into bed , your body feels so relaxed & the bed feels soooo comfortable that you feel ready to drift off to sleep really quickly. I purposely retain some consciousness & then at some point slip into a dream still fully aware. I don’t generally ( but sometimes ) become aware I’m dreaming , during a dream , by performing reality checks out of habit. The cool thing about retaining consciousness as I fall asleep is that the dream starts in my room. I’m lying on my bed , relaxing with my eyes closed , letting myself fall asleep & at some point I can now see perfectly clearly with my eyes closed. Then I will myself to spin on an imaginary axis , around my belly , 360`.Now I know beyond doubt that I’m asleep & as I said , with the advantage of being in my room. My temple is just above my room , in a converted attic space. So I go up to my temple. My circle & candles are where expected but my black handled dagger is not.
This is where it starts to get cool. No problem , I simply imagine one in my hand & it forms until it appears as solid as anything else. I now visualize violet light flowing from me , through my arm & hand , through the handle , the hilt & blade of the dagger The dagger starts to glow violet , brighter & brighter , until it feels full. I then carve a blue circle out in the air above my magick circle. As I trace the circle out in the air , I can see blue sparks fling from where the point of the dagger meets the air. Then I bring the circle down to hover just over my physical circle I then use the dagger to carve a red triangle in the air , just in front of the blue circle. Again I see sparks flying as I cut an actual red triangle in the air & then lower it until it’s touching the blue circle. I then start chanting " Etzel Mal akel test el santan el … etc ". My plan is to call Mephsita. Hmm I may have spelled that wrong. She’s a spirit that helps you open your 3rd eye & teaches you divination & how to see , hear & generally be aware of & communicate with beings from the other side.She’s also supposed to be very friendly & patient , so the perfect occult teacher for the beginning stages of magick. I’ve attempted this experiment , performing a ritual evocation while lucid dreaming , several times but each time I wake up before I can finish the incantation. It’s really annoying. I’ve only heard of 2 methods to stop your lucid dream from collapsing. The first is to rub your hands together ( it’s wierd but every time I do this in a dream I end up with a loose finger in my hand that I’m rolling back & forth ) and the second is to spin around in circles. Personally I find this method more effective , though often I don’t have time to do either , I just wake up. I haven’t been able to find any other tips on how to stop your lucid dream from collapsing just tips on how to have them. Can anyone help me with this? Does anyone have experience with dream work and handy ways to keep your dream from collapsing.


Entering a lucid by retaining consciousness from an awake state tend sto make for more unstable dreams, at least to begin with. The dream is still young and fragile, and you can still easily muck it up at that point.

The key to stabilization is generating a feeling of momentum, which is why spinning works. In the specific scenario you described, I’d recommend you be more deft with your knife movements. When you’re cutting, swing that knife so fast you can feel the centrifugal force. A few good swipes here and there with the knife should help keep you grounded in the dream.

Running, jumping, flying, smashing stuff, all work too, as long as you do them briskly enough to generate a good feeling of momentum. The stronger the better. I’m strongly against spinning as stabilization technique however, because while it does generate great momentum, it’s also very disorienting, which is counterproductive.


cool , thanks for the advice . I’ll definitely try that. That explains why so often I wake up shortly after the dream begins. so frustrating.