Lucid daydreams and contact

Thought I’d share this with the forum and see if anyone else would like to tinker with this and see what they get.

Something EA said in his last video about the TG sync being so close to the sleep state got me experimenting with very interesting results. I’ve been lying in a relaxed position and get myself on the verge of sleep, once there I do my best to maintain consciousness (It gets easier and the results more potent with practice) after a few minutes I enter an almost dream state while being completely lucid. I wouldn’t call it a projection but more of a lucid daydream. While in this state I’ve made some contact with spirits (sometimes unintentionally) and was shown some things I’ll keep quiet about, for now at least.

Just thought I’d throw this out there and hopefully someone can benefit or find something worth while.

Its nice to know about the possibilities.

I’ve been experimenting a lot with TG sync for myself as I don’t feel that my access to it is stable and reliable enough, I end up in light TG sync and often somehow pull myself out of it. Hopefully with enough trial and error under different conditions, I can get it better even if its said to be easy to do (which seems to be dependent on a lot of tiny factors, it seems). Must find that balance between relaxing and keeping a level of attention.

But if I ever attain something similar, I’ll make sure to report my results. Although what i want is to be able to communicate with spirits and do whatever i need to do anywhere at anytime, without having sit down or coop-up in some room somewhere.

What you’re doing is known as the WILD technique (Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming). It is by far the most highly effective way to lucid dream. I began doing it unintentionally at a very young age and still do occaisionally. Ive also been at the edge of aleep and had spirits pull me into this state. Pretty fun :slight_smile:

To further elaborate a bit Carlos Castaneda taught that one must maintain consciousness whilst falling asleeo with the intent of dreaming. I beleive the Order of the Voltec teach these kinds of things.

I have been dong this as well for the last few weeks. I have been traveling inside myself to find gateways of power. It is still hard for me not to fall asleep.

Weird things have been happening in my waking life as a result, I normally can’t see spirits unless I am in the TG sync, but lately at school or work I get quick 1-2 second flashes where I see them. Seeing Sastan in my Investment class is trippy.

Do you get to the stage where your body seems to ‘lock up’, almost like sleep paralysis? If so, this is known as Yoga Nidra, and is considered by Yogis to be the most difficulty asana and meditation technique to achieve success with.

Basically, the body goes into a sleep state while you maintain conscious awareness. It’s difficult, because there are so many mental, physical and spiritual obstacles that you must overcome for it to work properly. In this state of ‘trance’ you can pretty much do anything, and go anywhere.

When I was a complete newb to meditation I actually learnt how to do this by accident. It’s now my ‘go-to’ state for any serious magickal work that I do.

Thanks for the info Serell, I’ll look into that.

No Trkl, I don’t lock up during this, its a very mild state that I can pull Pinot pretty easily or be pulled out of by outside disturbances. I think I’ve experienced what you described before, I was in a state of near paralysis and was having intense visual and auditory phenomenon and suddenly my body went spastic and I came off my bed gasping for air and my heart beating out of my chest.

Hahaha. Yep, that’d be it! The heart chakra opens right up as you get close, and is one of the more serious ‘obstacles’ which is thrown in your way. The whole thing really needs to be approached in a ‘non-attached’ way, or else you won’t be able to deal with the huge shifts in consciousness.

I see that i’m going off-topic now though, but if anyones interested in this i’d be happy to post a thread about it.

No problem TWF. And I get what youre saying Orismen-I never see or hear spiruts accept unintentionally whilst falling asleep or waking up, and when I began trying some of Castaneda and the OV’s teachings (particularly from Nox Infernus & Liber Obsidian Obscura) I had a 2 second flash where I saw something like a rabbit or dog in bodily appearance spin on its haunches and run away. Creepy thing was the realization that it been sitting thrre watching me. Highly recommend those book to you TWF. PM me if you want the PDFs.