Lucichatha - The Ancient moving darkness

Lucichatha The Moving Darkness

during my very intense belial pathworking where i had died and been reborn in the lake of fire,mastered it,became darkness and more i felt pulled to the familiars of belial that E.A Koetting was shown but the most interesting was Lucichatha so I evoked it

i evoked using an easy evocation techique of summoning dark spirits,demons,dark gods,divs whatever spirit is dark,first you go through darkness connect it become it then you simply assume the form of the spirit as formless darkness.

when i evoked it i heard whispers of demon tongue which felt very physical

Evocation of Lucichatha

when i assumed it it came as a mist of darkness that it was generally descirbed off

heres what it said.

“Takkalos,you wish to become what you arleady are
upon the mastery of darkness no man can comprehead its power
you may reach the higher truth of isnanity or descend into madness,but it is who
who will master his own madness of mind of darkness can become a dark god
and you had already been scribed on that path master the mind and no-mind.”

“through the mastery of darkness,you may be truly free
from light and even darkness as you could ascend higher than the uknowlingly powerful to you darkness,the path is yours,you are your own master”

Later own lucichatha appeared as big skeleton robed being who holded a staff with symbols of dark abyssal power. saying

“You takkalos,your very soul is darkness and light through mastering your own insanity you may understand”

then i was upon a realm of blackness and darkness i became one with it then express it to me lucichatha and i being one in darkness gave a gift a black orb of mastery of darkness while chanting on demonic dialects as a blessing and enpowerment from that being,i have the impression that she is a she but its darkness moving.

Sincerely,Darkness Xag


Bro… Love your shit… Can’t get enough! Wanted to ask a question or two if. You have time. Many thanks, and will PM ya shortly if that’s chill

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more than happy to talk!!

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