Lower Astral Region

Last night I watched the remake of Flatliners with a friend. She is some branch of Hindu. She said that when we die, we initially are in a place called the Lower Astral Region. It’s basically a grey version of the place where we died. Has anybody heard of that place?


Sounds like the Mormon terrestrial plateau.

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I have and I’m reading. A book* on it… From my understanding when we all died we all leave the physical realm and go to he astral there is a upper and lower depending on who you are is where you go not to be confused with hell because that is something we created to help us understand


when I first started Aing as a kid I believe this is where I first went. It’s pretty hellish place for a 5 year old and anyone else not in control of their fears, but the good thing is that I learned really quickly - with the help of someone else - to clear my thoughts to raise myself out of there to more nicer parts of astral. IME there were a lot of entities there feeding off fear, so they show you things to make you afraid.

I remember getting into an argument with one I tried to stand up and told him to stop because it was my dream and he was like no it’s my dream.

I eventually I started going back there sometimes as an adult just in case there was someone stuck there like I had been and I could help them see their way out. The funny thing was going back as an adult was so much different than being a fearful kid because I realized how silly and sad most of those entities were, not scary at all.

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