Low Apartment Rent

Hi guys; I’m in need of some advice. I’m possibly going to be moving soon since my grandfather gave me an ultimatium the other day and I was just recently contacted by the manager of an apartment near me but here’s the thing. Its monthly rent ranges from like $300-$600 cause it’s a 2 bedroom. I need to get it as low as I can and try to keep it for me as long as possible since I can’t have my credit pulled right this minute.

Now, with that said, which spirit(s’) would be great to help in this endavor? I’ve heard that King Paimon is great when it comes to manipulation and I’m sure Lord Belial would be great too. I just need some ideas and what kind of offerings I can leave for the spirits. Much appreciated!

I’m really curious about where you live, a 2 bedroom for 600 would be considered low income that one would have to be on government aide to even qualify for where I live.

The price differences per state still surprise me.

I’ve heard Belial is good with court cases so maybe swaying the Apartment Managers would be his thing?

You could also do a sugar/honey jar to sway things in your favor.


$600 is pretty high for me right now because I have loans and other major bills that range around the $200 range and that cuts into my profits big time. I have a plan in mind to be able to pay the rent and utilities but lower I get the rent down, the better it’ll be for me.

What do you mean by a sugar/honey jar?

Duke Dantalion could also change minds .


Ok, can you post his sigil on here, how to call him, and what kind of offerings he likes? Again, I’m just collecting information on here before I make my decision. Thanks!

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I open his sigil to call him . But the first time I made a pact with him I think I just said what i’ll give him or I wrote a blind pact .


I don’t know any specific offerings but the general ones are okay .


Here is a link to a honey jar spell, but you can look up more to see what works best for you.

The lowest 1 bedroom in the state and city I live in is 700 Sq ft for $1250 per month, that’s why I was surprised is all :slight_smile:
Apartment prices are insane, I hope these work for you.


Thank you!

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That’s about how much it is in the Washington, DC area.