Lover magick

So I recently started a new relationship with a powerful woman, we been with each other romantically and sexually for about three months now.
First we were just friends but I knew I loved her dearly but due to reasons that are not necessary to explain I though we would never engage romantically. So I accepted this an decided to just show my affection by being a good friend and being grateful for the amazing relationship we had.
She had been calling in a lover for quite some time and even though I knew I checked all the boxes I pushed the thought away thinking it was a pipe dream.
Then around three months ago my feelings for her grew and I began calling in a person I loved as much as her but someone that would reciprocate. For I love hard but not easily or fast and I called in someone I could feel this way about and be able to act upon it.
A few days or so after calling this person in, she comes to me a declares her romantic feelings towards me.
Since then we have done much magick together, energy work, realm traveling and more.
Its quite lovely.
So with that super long story that is kind of unnecessary, I am asking for help.
Any suggestions on gift ideas for this super magickal lover? I want to do something special and unique. Not a bought gift.
A ritual we can do together maybe… An artistic and magickal way of expressing love and gratitude… I don’t know, I am having trouble thinking of something proper, suggestions would be greatly appreciated!