Lovecraftian necromancy

I was thinming about working with the haunter on necromancy deos anyone know if he has knowlege on necromancy

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Not that i am aware of, most of the insights i have gotten from this entity was always around the mechanics of reality. But then again I’ve never ask about necromancy as it wasn’t a focus of mine at the time.

If ya feel up to contact um and ask. Depending on the route ya wanna take there is a method to make contact in qayin’s black book of azathoth. Personally i use the lovecrafts work itself as a focal point of meditation to connect to the haunter of the dark.

Off the top of my head the avatar of nyarlethotep known as the black man of the witch cults may be more aligned with what your looking for.

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Wat entity should i start with in lovecraftian sorcery

From my own experiences nyarlathotep or cthulhu can guide you in work in this current. They are my guides on work in it. I’ll tell ya right now through just being exposed to their energy can stir up some shit both in your life and in your mind.

Development of mental discipline will help keep your head on straight as it were.

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Ive been through alot of scary shit which is an understatement so im not worried about losing my sanity or wats left of it anyways

However i am in search of a partner would you know where i could find one

Okay so i am gonna tell you right now. Losing your sanity isn’t the scary part. Learning what REAL sanity anchored in the true nature of reality is fucking terrifying at times. By many “modern” psychological models i may very well be considered “insane” and yet my so called insanity has lead me to more tangible and practical routes to prosperity in my life than i have ever known. :alien:

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No clue on this one. With the exceptions of a few group projects I’ve done here i am pretty much a solitary practitioner.

Do you know of any lovecraftian entities that can help me return to the umbra so i can kill the bastard that trapped me here

No clue what your refering to. But then again my base assumptions of reality and my experiences anchored in this assumption give me no reason to try and “escape” this reality.

Why would I need to escape from a place that i can manifest my desires once I figure out what i truly want?

The umbra was made by the essence of darkness essentially the umbra is black magick in a way its fabricated of black magick there anything is possible also the umbra is more of a universe around above below and in between this universe it is everywhere yet nowhere it is purely spiritual with no physical or mortal aspects

Is is limitlessnes and dark power manifested

No clue on that one. If ya research long enough your gonna find that their are several currents and entites that share traits of what you just described.

But as i have said i have no goals aimed at “escaping” this dimensional seething that is known as local reality atm so can’t help ya there.

Its an abysmal plain of darkmatter basically

Again we are operating off of different ideas of what this means as this description for me calls up at least 6 places out of various lore.

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Think of the umbra as a twilight realm of dark undead creatures that constantly devour souls to survive with planets and galaxies made from black magick shadow essence

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Hey angel of moths thanks for your imput as well but may i ask have you been to the umbra

you would love mordiggian

Yes I would