Love spells quick ones

Are there any quick love spells

Have you tried the search button. Thats pretty quick


Shifting your state of consciousness to the essence ( :slight_smile: habitual feeling :slight_smile: ) of the wish-fulfilled is the way of all true magic. Accepting current appearances as they are–letting them be but without denying the desire is the key. The present moment as it appears–and it is only an appearance–is never the enemy but part of the path and actually gave focus to the desire.

Any spell that shifts the state is enough. However, if you want to go by “reputation”, there is the Inanna/Ishtar or Necronomicon Apple Love Spell that is considered very potent.

As for speed: it all depends on how easily you can, without strain, sacrifice/let go of the attachment to current appearances and, ideally, simultaneously accept the desire state as reality here and now even if temporarily hidden by the senses. Time and space are illusory, i.e. not what they appear to be, and therefore so is speed. Everything is beyond speed: it already exists.

P.S. Avoid seeking to influence a seeming other because that’s like shadow boxing: change your self-concept, all that you believe and consent to as true, to one that is in alignment with your desire.


Thank you

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@987ritual Thank you that’s fantastic advice!