Love spell?

i’m fairly new to the whole magic scene, i’ve been scanning this site quite recently. i had seen people summoning Pomba Gira (which i have done but this was yesterday so of course i have no idea if it worked) and Sallos (also done yesterday)
my situation in regards, is one of my ex lover and quite a cliche story.
However we have not spoken to eachother in a week now. Since summoning (although i’m not sure if i was even successful) he has now blocked me :confused: i’m not really sure what there is for me to do, considering i am so new to all of this and literally have no idea what i’m doing.
if anyone has any advice, please let me know, or any love spells i could cast myself that may give me more immediate results. i’m not really sure what my limitations are, but thus far nothing has changed. thank you everyone :slight_smile:

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First you have to introduce yourself before posting.


i did already! :slight_smile:

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Sorry my bad
As for the topic issue Pomba Gira M . P lots of users had only good words about her :slight_smile:

From what i could gather, i did her ritual with an offering of a dethroned rose, some red lipstick, coconut lotion, and i filled a tall shot glass with bicardi!
I don’t live near a crossroad, or at least i’m not sure where i would even go to put down her offerings.
I didn’t feel as though i got any response from her in regards to where i would put things… (again i am so new to magic so i really had no idea what i was doing)
i apologized to her profusely if i didn’t meet her needs in regards to the offerings, but i didn’t quite know where i would put them so i put them under an apple tree behind my house. I have no idea if i disrespected her, because this morning my target had actually blocked me! :confused: now i’m quite confused…

well i want to work with her to 3 nights ago i did a love spell with a pink candel and sad the name of a Demon he came in my dream i was amezed but when i told him in my dream the name of the girl i like he started to laughf and said to get a normal girl next day i found out some stuf about the girl i like shed got mad at because of the stuff i found about her :slightly_smiling_face: so magic works.


I am no skeptic of magic! i used to be very into things like stones and magical symbols. however because i was so young and my lack of actual coherency i didn’t really do much more than that.
I believe in some way i had a very strong intuition or maybe some sort of beginners clairvoyance. because i would dream of good things happening and then they would! i actually knew my dad had cancer before he even told me because i had gotten some sort of off feeling in regards to his health.
in any case, i am trying to fix my situation with my ex now of 3 years on and off together. He is quite a stubborn one if i do say so myself. But, after evoking although i may not have been successful i’m not sure what i should do to confirm if the deal was sealed or not. i have no magic expirance and i have NEVER done a ritual. as far as i can recall, i don’t remembee much of the time i spent doing the initial ritual with Pomba Gira, however i felt very nauseous and light headed afterwards kind of on auto pilot. not sure if i did it right or wrong!

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I saw that most of the people after 2 days had success ( you have to forget that you did the spell its hard i know )
But have faith
Sorry for my bad eng :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah!! maybe that is why i lack any kind of memory or recal what was said during the ritual, it would be 24/ hours this evening!!
I’m not sure what else i can do to maybe heighten my chances of succes. I did call on Duke sallos as well, i started a new forum explaining what i did with him.
Hopefully i will see results soon and i will be sure to keep everyone updated on what happens with me. Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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Best luck and have a nice day/night depending on you region :slight_smile:

Oh! i actually have something else to ask, i have a kitten born in October who is completely black ( even in his mouth)
he is 10 months right now. After the ritual i seen he was following me everywhere throughout my house. it may be just a stigma but if i recall black cats are quite popular in the whole witchcraft scene, unless i’m just being a moron and that isn’t the case.
but he was running after me chasing me up and down my stairs and wherever i went… could he maybe have felt the ritual or, maybe would be a good companion for me to keep around if i continue doing other rituals?

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Idk maybe he likes the energy that you have i like cats to i have one at my sister house and 1 at my home in my town but there not so friendly ( only when its about food )
I think there is a topic about animals and magic here.

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thank you for the advice!
i love my cats as well both are rescues!
i actually saved my other cat who is a grey tuxedo and looks exactly like my cat that i had years ago who had passed.
They have the same markings and everything!
Hopefully i will be able to learn more about magic with advice from this forum and make new friends :slight_smile: thank you

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Tell me more things about that experience (in a PM)