Love spell working...opinions please

This is a come to me spell I did with both mine and his candle. His burned down within an hour and mines took like 7 hours. Although his burned down super fast and had a tall flame, it also had many other flames joining together and relighting on its own. Here’s 3 pics. Hes on the left im on the right. Anyone think what this can mean? I’d appreciate it. .

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Super fast burningcandles means spiritual activity

But I’d wait for the experts here to say so .


Supposedly the strong flame is very good:

Fast Burn:

“There is a lot of energy behind your spell. Barriers to your success are quickly falling away. A fast, happy result is likely.”

Quick Burn:

““Spending” a candle quickly is not necessarily a bad sign—it can mean that there is passionate, accelerated energy behind your spell.”



@DaniWonderland I don’t want to disappoint you but i see 3wicks on the candle there. Which means 3 sources of fire on this candle, and that indicates that it will be burned faster…
Simple logic :relieved:


Someone’s say signs mean nothing results does. Sorry try be honest here inste3 of giving false news.


Three wicks.

Don’t question the symbolism, it was there for a reason. Why did you pick that candle? What drove you? Did you know?

It’s all about divination. Why else would someone mysteriously choose all of the right cards from a deck?

The message you asked for was a message you received.

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It didn’t have 3 wicks. It split and broke off into multiple wicks. Multiple flames. A fast burn is good but the multiple wicks breaking off and forming new ones isn’t so im looking for opinions on what else someone might think on the spell…

and it wasn’t 3 wicks it was 5 on that candle which didn’t burn like that until it got to the middle…i want to know if this means success or 5 people involved blocking my work?

Don’t worry about other people blocking you. They aren’t. They can’t. The only person that can block you right now is yourself.

Its all about Luck and random facts what happened with the wicks. Dont analyze and overthink, this means absolutely nothing.
Your intention and energy are the important ingredients for the spell which now you have to erase it from your mind.
I also had casted love spells, with huge flames etc… but nothing happened in the end, so 🤷

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