Love spell without ingredients?

Does anyone know of any powerful love spell without ingredients? Like these vídeo? but I do not know if it works. I do not want to make love to have an ex back, but to arrange a specific person, to attract men to me, specific men,

Try this. It’s very effective and you just need a red/pink candle and preferably something that belongs to your target ( can be a photo, hair, anything that belongs to your target )


but I do not have a target, and yes, i want to meet someone still

You can draw someone you would like to attract to yourself with specific physical and personality traits and use it as a vision board.


As @vyriz says, you may still imagine a person you would like to befriend.Also, you may conjure Duke Sallos, he sure will increase your chances of meeting somebody who is deeply aroused by you,
with the potential to love you.

Angel Anael,(also spelled Haniel) the Angel of Venus may also help you much.

You may search the given names via the forum and you 'll find much more info

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