Love spell with Santa Muerte/qayin

Hello forum, I would like to share this love spell with you. (I have not tried it because it involves things that I do not like) but I know it is very effective with the people who have tried it. I have a sorcerer from my city and work with Sannta muertte. We need an image of you and of the loved one. a small handful of raw minced meat. an image of Santa Muertte. a red ribbon A small bottle of whiskey. and a pot with dirt. a candle of Sannta Muertte (it is black color above and white below, if they do not get that candle, use a black and a white separately, that will work the same). we proceed to put the photos of us and the beloved person facing each other, we place the minced meat in the middle of both photos, while we repeat our desire, imagining that person with us. feel the energy of that person. when we have the “sandwich” we wrap it with the red ribbon 7 times repeating the prayer to Sannta Muertte, (they can change the word almighty god for “old serpent”) and then we put it in the pot and we bury it. we light the candle or the candles on the dirt. taking the job for granted. and for 21 days (very important, EVERYDAY, water the pot with a little whiskey) during those 21 days. Do not leave the pot in a place that will rain. Leave it outside your home but do not give it rain. I have had testimonies from nearby people that have worked for him, it is a very dense and effective work.


That seems very interesting… Does it matter what sort of meat you use?
Thanks for sharing :smile:


I understand that meat from a cow, I do not think that using pork changes the effect.