Love spell using candle magick

Today I just performed my first love spell using candle magick as in EA’s love spell video on YouTube. I used a red candle and I had also a fetish link of my target, I followed every steps. Now the candle’s flame for a while was like moving and then stopped it and continued to remaining tall and strong. I have read that is a good sign when the flame is tall, now I would like to read your opinions about it like if it will be a succes or not and also generally speaking a timeline for results, really newbie and trying to understand more about what i did. Any advice is welcome :blush: thanks in advance


A good piece of advice is to just stop thinking about it to let the energy through.

Well anyway the fact that the candle is able to stay strong for the time it took you to write this is a good omen so keep an eye out.

Once you complete your casting ask for a sign if the spirit will accede to your requests. You can request a time frame for the sign to materialize i.e. give me a sign within a week so i will know if my casting is a success.