Love Spell Suggestions?

I use sitri and asmoday seals and draw aroun just one circle on both seals and write my wish,and put a target picture between seals and mine up …put on radionic.
If not right,pls SOME SUGGESTION ?

Hi @Wizard-bt, I moved your post to its own topic. The person to whom you were responding in the previous revived three year old thread hasn’t been to the forum in over three years, and you have a better chance to get a response by more members this way.


I don’t see anything inherently wrong with that setup, you set it up to drive your intention which is the most important part, all of that set up tells the energy what to do.

I think you are good, but I’ve seen @C.Kendall talk some about the subject and he definitely had more experience with it, so maybe he can drop a line here for you.

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