Love spell on friend's behalf

Say you wanted to help your friends by making someone love and/or lust for them with magick, what are the best ways to go about this?

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You use the same Spirits / Energy’s you’d use as if you where seducing for yourself, except that you spin the two target’s together instead of pulling 1 target towards you.

Simply charge a Gravetic pull between them and have them focus on their similaritys.

It’s crazy simple. :wink:




Thank you that is quite useful. But I’m confused about how to charge a gravetic pull between two people. I’m not familiar with the term.


ok, basically i’ll give you a simple version of it.

imagine him to be a plus pole (sun), radiating out to her, while you imagine her to be an open void absorbing all that energy from him.
That creates an Energetic pull.

It’s not the accurate version, as a solid connection would be relying on energetic exchange and both sides would be pushing and pulling in cycles.
But the basic Energetic pull should be enough to get them started.
The easiest version, to create that pull is imagine a child between them pulling them together as the child depends on being loved from both and would natrually care about keeping them together.
You can exchange the image of the child for an black hole pulling both in if that fit’s your understanding better,
Both versions work.

There isn’t an actual child necessery to be there, for this to work, just the concept will do fine.
you can -if you talk to both - encourage them to adapt that believe and spinn it forward in their own minds by assumption. suggesting to them how beautiful they would combine into an adorable family and how awesome their child would become.

note, that those steps are way overpowering it.
You properly bind them faster and stronger together then they’re ready for it, using that mechanisms.

After all, it’s quite potent!
And that mechanism really can be adopted to fit any couple of beings relying on re-production. :wink:




Awesome thank you very much. Will do

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