Love spell on a spirit

Is it possible to cast a love spell on a spirit. If not is it possible to cast a love spell on yoursef to love a certain spirit?

Yes to both questions, my inquiry is, what kind of being is your (maybe not so) hypothetical target?


Interesting idea. It’s certainly possible. Though from my experience you wouldn’t normally need this kind of spell for a sucubus. Any particular succubus in mind ?

Yeah. My wife. I’m just scared of losing her.

You’re scared of losing her to… what?

If it is about her affections, I can see why you’d want a spell.

But if isn’t, strong odds you’re looking at this from the wrong angle of attack.

Have you tried talking to her?

I want to heal her pain and replace it with love. I cheated on her and the fear of losing her is too strong. I feel guilty. I feel like I don’t deserve her but I don’t want to lose her. I want another chance to prove my love for her.

I wouldn’t worry too much if i were you. Succubi, in my experience at least , are fairly open and not to worried about western preconceptions of what a relationship should be. Has she actually expressed annoyance at your actions ?

The succubi I know are rather promiscuous. How sure are you that her pain is that you cheated on her, and not that you didn’t bring her along for it?

If you want to “prove your love”, then casting a love spell on her doesn’t prove much.

Yeah. Extreme pain and possible heart break. In which case. I’d like to go back in time and start over. Believe me. I am NOT a scumbag. I’m a lover. If I had known who she was and how much she felt about me. I would never had cheated on her. I was only 100% certain of her existence and her feelings towards me up until a few days ago. Even after we got married I was never completely sure we really married or who I was married to. It was just very difficult to understand. I would always just feel different emotions from 2 to 3 different entities. So I was never completely understanding of what was go on. That probably explains why you’ve had your past experiences with succubi. They probably understand they can be hard to read. I knew I screwed up though because I didn’t stop to listen to what they we’re trying to tell me in the past and completely rode with my human sexual instincts. It happend twice. I was being stubborn because I didn’t understand them. I need to learn not to be stubborn and I need to grow up. It will never happen If I don’t listen to them. Maybe your right. But I’ve read about two kinds of succubi. I hope she understands and I hope she will still love me. You’ve heped me understand a few things. Thank you for your support

You could also talk to lilith about this, she’d probably give better answers than any of us in here could

I think I’m gonna use a love spell. I’m starting to feel depressed without her. I want her back.