Love spell is manifesting but communication issues?

I did a candle magick love spell with blood magick about 2-3 weeks ago on someone I had no contact with. The spell manifested after 2 days and he briefly got in contact but nothing materliased. Yesterday I thought I would text him first and he actually replied to me and asked to see me that day (I couldn’t it was too short notice) he said to me maybe he can see me within the week then. He hasn’t spoke to me since Saturday and I want him to text me first so I’m not Comming across too eager , I’m just worried the lack of communication with delay things :frowning: the communication has always been a big issue. Any one know best way to fix this

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Have you tried a communication spell? Here’s one:

I’ve tried variations of a simple communication spell and with enough intent it always works.

You can also try this as well, to send him thoughts to make him want to contact you:

Good luck.


Thank you !!

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This sounds like the classic mistake i used to make in the past with love magic.

If after the spell your target wants to meet up go while he is still influenced by the magic. And if it was truly impossible for you to meet up same day arrange a time and a place for the meeting.

Before meeting him put some extra glamour spells on you to get a seductive aura. And just dont sleep with him.
But by being distant you dont form or even feed the energetic chords between you. You need to be around him and make him feel addicted to your energy

You denied the very effect of the spell by saying no to his request. Hopefully the momentum will not have been lost by the next time, if there is ever a next time.

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Hey !!! We finally met up last week I just wrote a seperate thread about it would love your opinion

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I just wrote a seperate post about an update x

Why not sleep with him ? That builds connection no? X

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Only on women unfortunately.

What is the name of the thread?

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Actually… no. It makes the woman connect, but the man detaches. If there’s no emotional connection from before, the man stays detached.

And I say this as a woman myself. Men and women react totally differently.

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Hmmm I feel like it feeds energetic chords . What’s your reccomendation ?

To feed energetic cords and build a connection?

Something more organic: talking to the person, getting to know them, and getting them to know you.

Magick can be used to create the opportunity for that, but it can’t be used to create and feed a cord and connection out of nowhere. You gotta give magick some ground to build upon.

I disagree. My stance is that magick can create attachments.

But obviously there’s more at play that simply that.

What if the person doesn’t even know your name or only talks to you once a month?

To ask for a magickal attachment/connection/cord to be built out of nowhere in circumstances like those… would be asking for a miracle.

I guess it can be done, but the odds will be better if the caster at least talks to the person.

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I only do magick on people I already have a connection with and I’ve met at least once, that’s just me. I agree with meow. I do think magick can strengthen attachment, seeing them face to face and building a relationship is the cherry on the cake

@anon6645274 said it strengthens. I said it can create.

same thing :see_no_evil:

No. A point of disagreement between BloodForPoppies and I was this. I suggest you google the two words. To strengthen assumes something pre-exists. To create assumes the opposite.