Love Spell In Restricted Circumstances?

Hey! Don’t mean to bug you but I am new to this black magick I am currently in prison in ca I want to do a spell to get my ex girlfriend we a talk all the time but I want a relationship again. My cell small as fuck to draw a circle I. Can’t get candles incense or any tools for a ritual even nature here isn’t good can you give me some tips

I want to make a pact with lucifer as my mentor Idk how to do it.Mann I really want a new release date and some help for my mom until I get out if you have any suggestions it will be much appreciated

now i understand your case!
first of all , rome was not made in one day.
if you are in a cell you will have to work on creating your astral temple i guess, so all your work will be made there.
How do you know you want to dedicate to Lord Lucifer?
you are in a desparate position and you are acting out of desparation, and i totally understand.
so you want to have your girlfriend back - why did she leave you? -you seem to be in a good position communicationwise ( does that word exist? sorry i am french)
you want money to help your mother and you wanna be freed?

know that everything comes from within you… even the connection with the gods and demons…

any advice BALG folks?


Belial may be able to help you get your release date brought forward, I’ll link everything i have on him at the end of this reply.

I agree with Elle_Blas_de_Robeles that creating an ASTRAL temple is your best next step, it will serve to strengthen your powers of visualisation and commanding energy into forms, which will be usegful no matter what you go on to do, and I’ll also link to a walk-through tutorial I did on creating wards, for security, and PM you a tutorial I have for travelling in spirit realms.

Creating wards:


I’d say wait for your release. Work on your magical abilities while your in there and you’ll come out more powerful.

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Hi! Me and my ex lady never really broke up,she just moved to Texas and started a new life the both of us would fly back in forth to visit each other but over time grew apart we talk but the love not how it used to be.and just want it back how it was before.