Love spell help

how do i cast a love spell on someone without the help of spirits or visualisation?

Just use visualization/energy work.

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i know, i probably should have written, visualisation not either lol

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Try candle spell.

hows that work

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I have some spells. I personally dislike love spells because they can give you an lights are on but no one is home kind of lover if there isn’t some kind of seed, but I have a lot of love spells I have come across in my studies.


i normally dont cast love spells, but would you like to hit me in pm?

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So a very good spell and apologies to whom it was who first taught me this… pls mention/credit them if you know who’s it was!

Make a sigil… by first writing their name and the intention you want to set (write it in present tense eg “IS in love with me” not “will be”

Take out all the vowels and any repeating letters so you’ve only got them once

Then use those letters to make a symbol… And circle it

Masturbate on the sigil you’ve created to charge it while FEELING how it feels as if your desire has already come to pass… so like it’s already done

And then burn it with a lot of emotion (cry etc if you want to) and let the ashes be carried away by the wind

I have had lots of success adapting this spell for various intentions and it doesn’t require visualisation… it does require feeling, the times that it doesn’t work so good is when I can’t feel as if the intention has happened already, so I’ll do subliminals and guided meditation till I improve my vibes and faith it can happen in that case and redo