Love spell casters

If people are willing to do castings to help each other and are free come here?
I’m just in need of a black magick contact or love spell
I also need a reading if anyone can offer at this time in pm thank you

Lastly does anyone have the skill unblock powers or can check the ones people have?
Mine shut down or was always not functioning right since I was younger so I feel I need a psychic to see what exactly my powers are

We don’t really do rituals for people (except in exceptional circumstances) because we are all busy with our own stuff. Magick takes time and energy so it is very rare for someone who is not a professional sorcerer to do it for a person they don’t even know, and rarer still to be willing to do a love spell, which can be tantamount to a curse.

If you want a spell done for you, you will have to seek out a professional, but that will cost you money. However, we are always wiling to help you do it yourself.


Yeah I mean I’ve been looking for someone to cast for me for almost a year because I’m in the broom closet and house freedom is a issue with big rituals and I prefer someone experienced to lend me a hand and I understand I just wanted to check who is out there who might be able to even to check things for me