Love ritual help

first time in my life ,I fell in love,and I can’t find any return.We only talk on instagram,we never saw each other,today she blocked me for no reason,please help me,i really love her so much,What can I do to make it just mine,Which demon should I ask for help?.What can I do to get results in 24 hours or less?Thank you :heart:

Please use the search function.

She blocked you out of nowhere…?! So she probably found a boyfriend in real life.
Move on boy, don’t waste your time in your screen anymore
Go out and create your love life with a real person :heart:


No to her accidentally I insulted,i really love her,and girl she’s not with me,if not with me,I want to die

As @anon39079500 said. But you need to understand that she may not be what is best for you. Its like working out. It sucks. Alot. But if you dont do it and eat chocolate all day then you will grow obese (as a formally obese person i have the right to say that) sometimes we should do the things that are right, not what we want.

My under eyes were purple from crying,i just want it,we live in the same county but only talking on instagram,I accidentally insulted and blocked me but I didn’t even say on purpose,I had dreams with her,I love it so much, there is no point in living without it

Just use the search function to find the right demon. However, you should withhold yourself from the situation. Do not be desperate and keep your mind at peace for the ritual. After u should just let it go, knowing that eventually she will come to u. If you truly love her as much as you say, its fair to say it is worth the wait. Mgic needs time to manifest

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How do you accidentally insult someone? :thinking: After using the search function and finding the right spirit to assist in what it is you’re looking for, please learn how to talk to women. You can’t go around “accidentally insulting” the women you claim to love, and then wonder why they blocked you out of nowhere. I mean that in the nicest way possible.

If you claim you love me and then insult me to the point where I have to block you, no demon in the world will influence me to come back to you.

Good luck though :bouquet:

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Gawd almighty! I can’t stop laughing at this :laughing: :laughing:


Calm down mate. Give it a couple of days she might come around.

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