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Hey there i have a ? I wanna give a lil push in a starting relationship not a big push cuz we both ate feeling each other just a lil i was thinking a honey jar or like paper and bury it but is there anything other that is good for what i would like ? Ty very much

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A honey jar is a great way to go, especially if you just want a little nudge. I’ve written a bit about these and how I work them if you use the search function or follow threads back through my profile- maybe a month or so ago.

Naturally you can google this as well and find many great ideas. Basically a honey jar works slow and gradually, deepening things just a bit at a time, so based on what you say I would start with this alone and then decide later if wish to add entities. That being said Lord Rosier is also great at small subtle changes for both partners, her focus on self love really can make a difference to the entire relationship, and even familial connections.

Yeah i cant do that lol we dont really get along but ty

I like that i always forget about her

Will actually functions. I don’t know how to explain it, but the rest is dressing. If you can focus on it in a certain way, instinct, and push it to a certain point, then you’ll get it

I describe this as energy work. Tune into the feeling you want to send and then push it to the target. It’s a bit more in depth than what I see most people start with, it works great with any sort of jar work, and or pretty much anything else I’ve come to make a normal practice. The issue is feeling it and doing, but that can be augmented in the beginning with visualization of it- unless your antanphasic like me, in which case you have no choice but to feel it.

I figured with the jar work your essentially doing this without even realizing your doing it yet, and later when you pick up on how it works and can do it more intentionally the jars works becomes even stronger.

The only issues I’ve found is… you can utterly overwhelm someone if you send things too strongly, Which can work in the opposite manner as you planned.

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Yes. I am not sure where I learned this energy work.

What is the methods you follow for understanding it, friend?

Trial and error to be honest. Like I said I’m anphantasiac so I had to figure it out on my own- everything available that I found involved visualization to augment the process.

I sat on the floor of my room for about six hours every night for three months last year, and eventually began to understand the push and pull, how to tap into what I could feel yet not describe.

I even discovered if I have an intent that I can’t conjure up the feeling for, music is a great aid for that as I can tap into the emotions I assign to a particular song and pull the emotion to me more fully, then direct it at my target.

Essentially I have no official method, thst I’m aware of the name to at least.

??? Not sure what you mean???