Love Magick - The Nuclear Option

Sup guys, been a hot minute since I’ve posted anything but I’ve got something for you to try if you’re the sort of person who’s dropped 8 different love workings in 4 days and are scouring the forum for more ideas because “lol it hasn’t worked yet”

This is my current targeting system for the more resistant results that seem to evade people. In short it’s an entire magickal primer that will work on everything from Wealth to Love magick and everything in between.

The thing is, if you’re consistently good at Wealth and Love/Lust magick you can work just about everything else. They both require significant alchemical work if your results are evading you and most people don’t have a clue what good advice even sounds like these days. I’ve seen insane results from both using this method so I’ll drop what I know and hopefully someone here can get some relief and joy and pay it forward in their own world with their new found altitude

As with most my posts this is me putting my thoughts in writing to cement them for myself. Hope it helps someone.

First and foremost: Lust Magick and Baneful Magick tend to overlap in huge ways, even with the exact same ritual phrasing. It all comes down to the energy/emotion thrown into it. Look and assess whether you’re truly wanting to merge vibes with the person you’re after to create beautiful harmony or if you just want to force them into submission and “own” your idea of who they are/were.

There is some subtlety here.

Most of what I read about on here comes from a borderline hostile/desperate headspace that resembles a battle more than it does creating beautiful harmony with another person. This is in our psyche everywhere, “Love is a battlefield,” “All is fair in love and war,” “battle of the sexes” and tons of other modern maxims.

Asmodai is the “God of Lust and Wrath” both for a reason. They’re interwoven on the deepest levels.

Unless you and your target are asexual romantics you aren’t escaping this. Lust is a part of what we experience as Love. Most women I know agree a relationship feels dead once the sex dwindles. “Pure love” is something you’ll feel for your grandma. You’re on this forum clawing for ideas because you want the whole picture. It’s part of who we are and this needs to be taken into account, it’s only part of the whole equation though.

Si vis pacem para bellum

It’s only the beginning as well, relationships are built on lust as a foundation and everything else is a nice bonus at best for most people. It is what it is. If you want “something real” you’re going to want all 3 levels. Absolutely strive to command sexual power with your presence (and don’t act like you aren’t interested in that either, it’s “superficial” but it’s built into our operating system. It’s what drives the planet.)

Take a bit to ensure the person you’re nuts for is truly a good match for you. You’re probably infatuated and not seeing something huge. I’ll show you how to find out if that’s the case by getting a trial run with them anyway. Try the litmus test at the end here and see before embarking on this journey.

If at any point you find your desire to be eluding you there is work to be done.

Target Sequencing

I like the Gallery of Magick systems a ton. They mentioned some advice that I found really useful: Cast for lots of plausible results, occasional speculative results, and rarely go for a few ridiculous results.

Basically you’re painting in broad strokes and penciling in the lines to paint a masterpiece.

“Easy Results” like:

  • Feel bold and confident in yourself for a while
  • Get laid for the first time in a few months
  • Find more members of the opposite sex you have compatibility with, flirting, numbers, etc
  • Manifest one new opportunity that could happen on a great day without magick
  • Get down with someone who already really really likes you and was afraid to voice it until now

Speculative Results like:

  • Find a new group of people you’re oddly extremely romantically compatible with
  • Have a wild charged night with someone who looks like your favorite celebrity/sex icon and a personality that suits yours very well
  • End up in a random Threesome with two people who make a living off looking hot

Insane Results

  • Close a $5M deal. (You don’t have a business license but you “just signed up for DoTerra!”)
  • Get a record deal and a personal jet (with your really shitty rap project you’re recording in a buddy’s basement on a free version of Cubase in exchange for some Tupac albums you got at a thrift store for $11.)
  • Captivate the object of your affections (who just blocked you after you did 8 rituals in 4 days on them and you can’t take a hint)
  • Do porn professionally. (You’re pasty as hell and overweight with a 5" wiener and you can’t last longer than 2 pumps in bed. Also you’re 5’6" and despite being told by everyone you have B.O. you refuse to try deodorant)

Getting all of these is certainly a possiblity at some point with different circumstances, however you need to shift your reality to where what was once laughably impossible is now just implausible, and then to just out of reach. Rinse and repeat until you unite dream and day, whatever that looks like for you.

The issue I see here is it’s nearly impossible to know how developed someone is without reading a ton of their threads. Even then what’s amazing advice for Adepts might be something a very advanced practitioner is trying to transcend due to the whole half-truth hermetics thing. What’s in the head of an advanced practitioner might stifle a beginner or mid level practitioner depending on who they are. We’re mostly all self initiates too and most don’t understand initiation structure until they don’t need to anymore. I know I have blindspots I’m not even aware of.

Everyone has a different sphere of influence that fluctuates from day to day as circumstances and states/beliefs change and it’s impossible to know where it is without talk that sounds like a bunch of dick measuring. What might be landslide advice to someone more accomplished due to their paradigm permitting could set a newcomer up to fail from expecting said landslide.

Most people aim for an outrageous result, throw a spell or 10 at the exact same thing and sit back and go “Huh, the Astarte Sex Slave ritual doesn’t work… WTF mate?! Anyone have any REAL magick that will do the job?”

The tool likely works just fine, look at the rest of his material. The job was simply too big for the power at hand. You have all the tools you need to change the job to the point you don’t need to bring out the big guns to complete it. This is the idea of what we’ll be doing


I like picking apart goals one thing at a time and hitting them until it’s real. You don’t wake up and suddenly own a Fortune 10 Oil conglomerate one day if you work at a drive thru. If you’re looking for huge and powerful magick for something special you should make the problem smaller by bringing it closer to you.

Step 1: Broad Stroke, Underlying Dream (Where most people stop)

Pick a spirit, any spirit that feels like the right fit. Your intuition matters 1,000x more than a reccomendation from the 4 month old account who replied to your thread first. Some of the best results come from the lesser known spirits, ask your gut, gaze at their sigil and let it become a mystical thing. Try them on and feel it out. This isn’t like engineering, you are the biggest variable in all of this even with the most foolproof thing one could design. Study about your options, look up experiences, and do the whole preparatory immersion thing. It works.

If you’re lazy I like Sallos, Haniel, and Eshaliah when it comes to love workings. Gremori is fantastic too. Burn a calorie, go read, and for gods sake stop asking people “if they can feel their energy around you” when you’re supposed to be trusting the magick to do its job. You’re killing it by doubting it and looking for assurance. Know it’s in motion and so it is

Do a big ritual that feels very very powerful (to you) that you can rest assured that “it’s coming” at some point. Dress it up however you need to, just know it will work before going into it. If you need to, do this whole process backwards starting with small wins up until you can be more confident in the big one.

Be genuinely ready to wait a year or 2 for it but know huge events have been put in motion and the crazy end result has been searched for. Then let the cosmic browser load and stop hitting refresh by doing the same request 5 more ways. The more patient you are the faster it comes, the more short strokes you manifest the quicker it comes. Put your energy there.

Usually this part just takes one working. You get the end goal in your sights and happily expect it’s on its way.

Step 2: Inner Alchemy & Purpose

When your love for life is greater than any one person could ever be, you won’t have issues finding love.

This is a two hitter. You’re going to need to actually work on yourself if it’s resisting. Especially if you look like Michael Moore (resembles a female version of Rosie O’Donell)

Evoke Astaroth and ask to help you find your life mission.

I don’t care who you are, you’re going to be a million times more magnetic if you’ve got a twinkle in your eye that goes beyond “her.” Girl in your dreams, not girl of them. Find your purpose and then get on a war path towards living it. Even if it’s something hipster like making orphanages for puppies who can’t bark or feeding random villages in 3rd world countries, when your soul path is the one you’re actually walking something happens that pulls the opposite sex in (especially women, and many of them won’t even know why but… trust me. You’ll be beyond glad you did this. If nothing else in this thread, Do This.).

Evoke someone to help increase your capacity for love and genuine human connection

In other words, ask for help in your social circles. I’m a big fan of Amiel, go shopping in your grimorie for your favorite Goetia demon if that suits you. Soul dive with everyone you can and go out of your way to broaden your social horizons.

This is going to sound stupid but think about this: Any time you’ve had a relationship just happen and suddenly go your way what happened? You brought them into your world and they felt like they struck gold. Everyone wants to be in the warm end of the pool right?

So have a world worth bringing them into

This is damn powerful from both perspectives:
The yoga pants light and love fluff bunny view likes this because your world is 100x warmer when you’ve got a ton of great friends who regard you as someone awesome to be around. Social proof goes a long way when you aren’t flip-flop frenemies with every other hot bitch drama llama there, and a dude with no friends …isn’t a man of mystery with a brooding life; guy just sucks to a girl with Instagram followers (if you’re into that stuff)

Build your Soul Tribe

The dark wolf side likes this because you having options to compete for your time and attention increases your scarcity and buying leverage. Sex is a market and business is war. Whoever is more willing to walk away has the power in any negotiation. This can only help you if you’ve got a world of awesome to fall back on in their mind (with many other possible suiters to choose from as well…)

You’ll also connect with the actual soul of the person much easier, you know, the one you want to have all that sacred deep love stuff you’re casting for. Might want to work on the other half of the equation before trying to balance it :wink:

Become the most attractive version of yourself

I’ve been a 240lb powerlifter with a viking belly and I’ve been 170 with defined facial features. Go shopping for rituals in your books and make yourself sexy inside and out. Become the person you want to be around, max out your looks (you can improve yourself 3 notches if you actually give a damn, you have magick of all things to help you find leverage here as well).

Hop on a fitness program - which will supplement your alchemy - and shut the hell up about “lol I’m against doing anything effective that physically alters my body, I do everything with magick. I read a book on astral gainz in 10th grade hur dur.” Sure some monks can manipulate their body to heat up and burn crazy fat calories at will but you’re a guy from Delaware with a cheap disney tattoo and you probably won’t be getting any result in twice the time span even if you went all in on that one thing. Use what works and idealize what matters more to your mission.

Work with Sitri for an aura of lustful power, work with Ronove to make yourself more charismatic, develop your humor and make your world a place full of excitement, good times, where dreams have a tendency to come true and everyone builds up everyone and holds each other accountable for reaching their goals. Your honey jar spell you did before spending another 20 hours playing Fortnite for the week isn’t going to pull all the weight for you without this stuff.

You can only gain by manifesting these things

Step 3: “Easy” Requests

Alongside the alchemical work start throwing at stuff that’s a bit more out there but not nuts in between lots of smaller rituals that you could actually luck into. Basically start small like evoking someone to have “Megan thinks warmly about me” become a thing.

Or “April is emotionally available”
Or “Erin fantasizes about me”

Start small, and boil the frog. Each mini result brings the goal closer bit by bit, the Broadstroke aligns the short strokes to blend together. Try it, I swear by this

If he blocked you because you slept on his lawn and had a bipolar meltdown on his date when you ran into them at Starbucks you should probably aim shorter than you think you need to. Overkill is underrated and gives you too many things to lust for results over so some of them might come true and nudge the broad stroke goal closer.

Then your affinity for the process builds and it all becomes more simple and less out there.

Big one-and-done workings seldom ever work out, that’s why they’re remarkable when they do happen. This takes some work, so if you’re willing to try something different you might surprise yourself and become a fuuuuuucking powerful magician in the process from all this practice. (It’s called your practice for a reason)

It’s really quite simple, just do more magick, but not on the same thing. Don’t aim for the stars with each ritual and wonder why it didn’t work. Aim big to charm the situation, work on yourself to align with what you want, and then nudge circumstance with lots of small lines and a couple big strokes that they feed into.

Hell, make this whole process a learning experience by modeling this on something you aren’t adamant about getting and see how it works on it’s own, you can just as simply build a profitable company with this as you can land that hunk of mancandy who tossed you in the Fuckbin and won’t let you meet his friends.

Once you’re here:

Unravel the Relationship

This is a touch freaky for most and if it is you’re likely lying to yourself about what you truly want on the deepest levels and some part of your lower self won’t let go. Something in your higher self knows something is up.

Regardless, call on Zachriel or evoke Seer to help you realize the full potential of the relationship you worked so hard for. You’ll see for yourself. It will either open up to limitless potential and you’ll play off each other in all the best ways, or you’ll find it’s not all you built it up to be and you were in love with a thoughtform every night.

Sucks when that’s the case but this is how you get set free. This is where the truth comes out. If you don’t have what it takes to experience this, deeply consider why. Really reflect on it.

If they were indeed your soulmate/twin flame thing/whatever then this will reveal the best possible relationship your souls could experience (Zachriel is a badass, try this on with business ideas!) If it truly feels right then go for it. If you’re reluctant, maybe you should spend more ritual time manifesting new lovers so you can find someone you won’t have to read scores of occult forum posts about catching…

Eventually you’ll be shaping a block of marble that’s half yours. You’ll be able to influence the sex you’re having to be the way you love it, you’ll be able to go on those vacations together, and what was all once a dream will all be within reach. If it’s good.

Either way this is the blueprint to get them there for a bit. Love is very like creating music: when it happens fast and it’s near effortless it means it’s good.

See if it has potential to be something great, though you could save a lot of time and use this framework to build your mission if it doesn’t pass the gut test. Your call

Good luck!


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