Love magic

I know lots of people use magic to get with their desired love. I would like to specify for actually being able to have a relationship with them and not just sex. However is that really a good thing to do? As in is it worth it? Will the love last? Any karmic repercussions? My biggest question is those who practice magic and those do not can they tell that magic has been used to get the specific person? I would like and plan to petition La Santa Muerte for love. I’m just not sure if I should be so controlling on who the girl is. Any tips? Thanks

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Black magic is all about control. Control of oneself, and ones environment, including those in it. I don’t believe the concept of Karma has a place for one walking the left hand path.

Can you target a specific person? Yes. Are you willing to do what is necessary to obtain your desire is the question.

If morals or fear plays a factor, for you, it would likely be better to approach the matter of love from the right hand path perspective, yes, leave it open ended, might even be better to post in that subforum, where those sorts are more likely to read your question.


how would you do it? Get an especific person?