Love magic

I was curious about everyone’s thoughts about a situation. So I have told my diety friend (Duke Sallos) love um , haha about a girl and to have help me with her and such. I then did say me visualization about how I want it to work out.

Now that I’m done with my work, is it a problem if I think about her on the occasion lustfully with situations playing out? Or that bad and I should not think about her at all. The whole let it go situation. She knows me but doesn’t know I’m into her. Would any more visualization help contribute to sexual energy or naw? Thank you for any who respond.

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You should try not to think of the result you were seeking out for while doing the ritual. One way to circumvent this is to do a series of unrelated rituals one after the other, so that your conscious mind is not constantly thinking about results from the original ritual. After you feel that the work’s energy signature is sufficiently stamped on to the universe’s energy matrix (take as long as it feels right for you), you might look into other means of creative manifestation. It’s better to give the work you did a few days however, like I said.


Thank you so much for your response!! It means a lot, and I’ll be sure to remember that! I just try not to over think it. I think of the girl here and there but that’s just cause we’re human haha. Thank you !

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Yes, indeed I would do many workings, or applying to magic an advice by Evola: do a ritual/spell (with theoretically any goal) simply because I want to do it.
These may be effective and empowering ways to cope with “lust for result”.

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One of same issues I have…

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Yes, I know once you put your intention out all you have to do is forget! So if I did a ritual to get a specific girls love, after it should I just have other girls in my mind to forget what I did for the one or that one still in my mind? Thank you all again!