Love Magic, Bring an ex back with Intranquil Spirit Spell and Obsession


I am new to this topic and I’ve never performed any ritual in my life.

I am here for asking if is there anyone that can point me on the right direction for having my ex back.

I know that for the most of you it may sounds only a selfish request, however there is a lot (lot) more behind my help request.

Any help or hint is appreciated.

Kindly avoid to reply with the classic “move on”. I am not new to relationship and I moved on easily. Now it’s not the case and there are rock solid arguments that brought me in this forum asking for any help.

Thanks to whoever is willing to help.


There is a whole section for that. Use the search tool

What do you mean by “right direction”? Do you mean the right spell?

I’ve been reading a lot about this topic however I am not a practitioner.

I’ve read about Sargatanas that seems fittings to my needs.

By right direction I mean tips (Sargatanas for example) or pointing me to someone who is able and has the right skills to do the spell for me.

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Okay. Well, there are tons and there are no right or wrong ways. It might sound boring but it’s a fact. You just have to go with what feels right to you. Why do you want a negative spell? I’m assuming what you want is getting back with this person and not make her feel miserable without you?

Welcome @BlackJ Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick. It is a rule of this forum and required.

This person is currently with someone else. Is also hardheaded and I am open to every possible solution.
I am sorry I can’t share too much details about what happened between us.
I can only tell that there was a third part interfere (I discovered later that this third part is a very powerful witch) that made my life miserable for 4 months I was full of health issues and blocked in almost all field of my life.
That said I actually don’t care how to bring this ex back. I do only care to have the famous second chance. So no matter how, what matters to me is to reach the point. The rest I will sort it out after.

probably no one will do it - yeah… painful

Is it really so difficult to find someone willing to help with that?

Yes, it is, but why you want necessarily to be with that guy? Where’s the fun if it’s not reciprocating. It’s easy for girls to get a boyfriend, you just have to look decent and that’s it.

Okay. Even if the person is with a seeming other, you don’t need to resort to unpleasant magic. You just need a ritual that shifts your consciousness into alignment, or directly into, with the desired experience. No need to worry about the path to it. Just focus on something that is based on you being with this person and not about getting rid of others: let what needs to happen happen to allow the desired outcome. I gotta say this though, in the illusion of duality or finite experience, no guarantee can be offered although the desired state does exist here and now in the Infinite Self.

You would be amazed at how often people come to this forum looking for ritual to be done for them for free. They seem to think we are a “Wizards R Us,” where they can just plop down their problems and someone will immediately drop whatever they’re doing to cast magick on their behalf.

Unfortunately, most of us are not professional sorcerers (and those who are, expect to be paid for their time), and do not have the time nor the inclination to do free maigck for every stranger who asks. It’s just not possible. We already give of our time to help with advice and reources, and It’s a bit silly to expect anything more. Ritual takes time, energy and effort on the part of the magician, and we are all busy directing ours towards our own lives.


I get your point and I could agree with you but this is not the case.
I am not playing the Victim role although I was being manipulated and acted as I wasn’t myself.
If I look at my behaviour in the last 15 days we were together I am still astonished and still asking: was it me?
The ex is hard to get back without the use of “unpleasant” Magick.
I’ve read a lot about it and also I am aware that it comes with consequences. Well after all I have been trough I am ready also to face the consequences and then if the relationship is meant to be it will. But definitely I can’t accept what was done to me.

Trust me I have already tried to focus on something that was on me being with this person and I felt strangely uncomfortable and sick each time I’ve tried.

I didn’t mention to have help for free. In my opinion if I am talented and able to do a job I pretend to be paid for it. As well as I respect who is able to do something that I am not able to and paying for their services is almost mandatory for me.

I’ve searched a lot over the web and I choose to post here because while doing my research for this kind of help I found out that a lot of people claiming to be the most powerful are only scammers and also very easy to spot.

I’ve stepped by here because it seems to be the right place for asking.

If you are looking for a professional, go to Ritual For Hire | Become A Living God

@C.Kendall also offers services, and I believe he has a link in his profile.

Didn’t find a link for his service on his profile

Huh. I thought he had a link there. My bad.

“@” him in this thread and ask him to PM you:

Alright. Give your way a shot then.