Love - Freya the Norse Goddess

Any of you pagan folks who are into magick looking for love? I recommend the Norse goddess Freya. She brings results and wants you to find love and sexual fulfillment. Make her an offering and perform a ritual to petition her for what you want. Burn a candle and some incense. Establish a bond with her and she’ll help you.


do you have an image of her sigil?

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She doesn’t have a sigil. Deities usually don’t. You won’t need one. Deities are easily contacted by calling their names and various titles.
Sigils are a new thing and people have summoned their gods for thousands of years without sigils.


what if a trickster comes? how do you handle that?


Never had that problem. I have protections in place for that. You could use an idol/statue, or print out a picture from google images if you need something to help you connect with her.

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I usually use a Heart :heart:to represent Freya as her Sigil so to speak, but images of female pornstars can be used too in Freya ritual.


What are the main reasons for protection? And if I work with Freya after being stubborn for three weeks, how does one apologize sincerely for it?

Also, what if you’re not looking for love and sex - because you know it’ll put you right back into a never ending cycle like before. Could someone work with her to get rid of someone who is very much unhealthy for you?

Thank you.

I’m sure you could. That doesn’t mean you can’t findd love and sex elsewhere though.

Agreed! However, it is more of a connection I am looking for. Love takes time and I am 115% banned from using love magick.

i appreciate your thoughts though. :grinning:

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