Love demons, Love angels, and love gods and goddesses

Those of you that have petitioned or evoked love spirits like Haniel, Rosier, Sallos, Beleth, Gremori, Aphrodite and other love demons or Angels to bring them a new lover, love of their life, true love, or soulmate (be it boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife), could you please share your stories! I’d love to hear about that type of stuff and opposed to people who ask love spirits to force a relationship with them and a person who does not want them.

Note: I have searched this forum already and have seen every single post regarding bringing new lovers, no don’t tell me to search for anything, for I already have and am greatly pleased with what I’ve read. It’s always just nice to hear new stories from people that get what they want, specifically new love, when working with spirits. I also kindly ask that this thread not be derailed.

Currently working with the angels from “Angels of Love” by Zanna Blaise.

I’m currently on my first step of making new friends to increase my capacity of love. It’s been working but I am moving so I will have to make new friends soon.

Angeles are way too slow or not really helpful.aniel,I invoqe him whit green candles coming incense,results after 4 months meet a college chick after 6 years of no see her, married,she say I regret married,I disappear and didn’t tell you are the one,I decline,jar spells,not good.astaroth Asmodeus,etc are fast,to bring or meet people,seals are good,goddes such Friday,amazing.gods of Greek Magick good.norse traditional good for me.