Love Compatability Tarot Reading

Since Love/Romance/Lust is and always will be a major cause for others to seek magic and readings I thought I’d share a spread I came up with and use quite often to determine the compatibility of two people.

The layout of the cards is as follows


  1. Higher Motivation of Yourself
  2. Higher Motivation of Other Person
  3. Positive Aspect You Bring
  4. Positive Aspect They Bring
  5. Negative Aspect You Bring
  6. Negative Aspect They Bring
  7. Base Motivation of Yourself
  8. Base Motivation of the Other Person
  9. Overall Theme of the Relationship

The higher motivations are the ideals and expectations one brings into the relationship.

The positive aspects are what good things you bring to the table, if a negative card is found here it usually has to do with learning something. Such as a 3 of Swords may mean you or the other may be learning how to be more sympathetic or supportive or a card like the 5 of Cups may mean you’re learning about putting expectations on others etc.

The negative aspects are what bad traits are brought to the relationship. If a positive card is found it is usually a perversion of the cards meaning or too much of a good thing. Something like 2 of Cups could point to dependency on the relationship or the other party or The Lovers could show problems with making the relationship work etc.

The base motivations are the more material desires brought into the relationship. These are not necessarily bad but just display what is a primary focus on the material or external level of the relationship.

The overall theme is exactly that this shows the natural progression of the relationship or the overall attitude or theme. Cards like the Sun or Lovers are very positive indicators while most of the Swords are cards like the Moon are indications of things to be aware of.

If court cards are found in any of these positions the personality the card represents is what is being displayed. If a Queen of Pentacles is found home, family and material security are held in high regards, The Queen of Wands cold be an overbearing or very powerful personality which may seek to dominate.

Try it for yourselves and see what you get, I’ve found it to be quite popular with those I’ve done it for and offers a bit of comparison and contrast that not only allows one to see what they’re dealing with but offers insight on how better to make a relationship work.


Very enlightening! I reeeeally appreciate this one. Thank YOU, TWF. :slight_smile: Oh, I love finding buried treasure threads!

I’ve had one and was very satisfied