Love and the left hand path

I’ve been reading and working with some left hand path currents over the last year and a half and I find myself wondering about the role of love and compassion on this path. It’s something that doesn’t seem to get discussed and this surprises me. The only time I come across it is in relation to love spells to seduce or gain the desire of someone. Having originally come from more of a history of right hand path practices I have had significant and profound experiences with higher energies that have communicated very clearly that love is at the very core of everything. Quite simply when I feel deeply happy and connected to myself my natural inclination is to give to others, as I see and feel that we are all one and we are all connected. I’m beginning to feel as though the LHP is more about self-preservation above all else and seeks to strengthen the ego rather than transcend it. Interested to here others thoughts on this topic.


Give this a read:


The thing is that the left hand path is based on a diffrent kind of view then the right hand path.

In a way its like ying and yang wich is why certain LHP orders promote work with both LHP and RHP.

The trancendence part of the LHP is that you transmute into something else and on the path human concpetions of emotions, desires and belifes are destroyed and replaced.

There is a reason Nietsche is good reading for LHP practioners.


There is love and compassion is in this path. It is just reserved for those who deserve it.


Love is the Law, love under Will! Love is important to lhp as well in the demonic realm. Compassion is not needed in lhp circles. Brotherhood means a bound and help eachother. Lhp indicates to truly attend the needs of family, friends and coven.

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Because it’s no different than “regular” love? Why would a lhp practitioner somehow “love” differently than anyone else? Love is based on personal emotion not their practice.

While there is some truth to this at the superficial levels, you haven’t experienced it. It’s like smelling a scratch-and-sniff sticker and thinking it smells exactly like the real thing. It’s rarely close and only superficial.

Interesting. Thanks for the share.