Love and hate, can they both fuel you?

There’s a misconception when it comes to Magick that the only thing that works to help is it people love you. Clearly, this is not the case. Blessings, curses, fear, an outright hatred, as well as warship are all food for your plate. Blessings and curses carry the same energy, however, the only concern is typically what they bring with them.

But, even if someone is throwing a curse at you, your name has left their lips, they give you energy, even if they hate you, even if they totally and completely revile your name, your name still left their lips. And that gives you energy, that gives you power, and the more people know who you are, the more people who love you, or hate you, the more power you attain, and the closer you come to your assent.

So whenever somebody says that they hate you, they’re feeding you. If they love you, they’re feeding you, if they adhor everything you stand for, they’re feeding you, and if they worship the ground you walk on, they feed you.

Whether it’s a blessing, or a curse, they’re both food on my plate, and I am eating my fill.

What do you guys think?


I think hate is harder to work with in terms of rituals and magick. It can be amazing for energy work though if you are learning how to “burst” or do similar techniques like building shields / structures quickly.

In my opinion the best emotional state when going into any of these are simply to “be”. Neither happy nor angry just content and tunnel visioned.

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What you say is completely true. What we choose to do with the energy that comes our way is totally up to us. All energy can be fed upon.

I agree with the fundamental concepts behind this, that all powers are equal
but when given a context, they become potent.

There’s a family member of mine who strongly dislikes me. When ever she is around, I put up a transmutation link between us. Cos that bitch be throwin’ me snacks all day long.

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It’s exactly what E.A. said in his video earlier.

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