Lots of Banishment and Connection to superior beings

I find myself curious as to the consistent desire for banishment over cohabitation with entities, followed by the begging for assistance of other entities with expected consequence free results.

Take for instance:

Every living being has but one need: power.
Power over other living things. You need it to grow, to eat, to reproduce.

Cruelty is the ultimate expression of power. To impose needless, extreme suffering and humiliation on another. It is the purest demonstration of strength. Toddlers learn it in the nursery.

Therefore every organism, from the microbe up, wears its cruelty as a badge to mark its upward progress. Prey must be subdued, competition must be starved, enemies must be wiped out.

One would thus assume that we find the same among the gods, only more so. That at each level of the heavens we find higher and higher levels of greed, brutality and mindless spite.

How else could they have become gods?

So I guess my big questions are: what is the obsession with using the energy of entities to do spell work over one own root energy? And after employing such Magick how does one validate the banishment of other entities simply due to a discomfort (that’s probably mutual)?

No. Creation is. Any moron can pull a trigger, which includes

since there are documented cases of toddlers actually pulling the triggers of the weapons that their moron parents let loaded and at hand.

…and cooperation must be pursued in order to achieve almost anything greater than ourselves. Such as the construction of a city. Or a car. We live in tribes for a reason. And a very good one.

What if the didn’t become? What if they always were?


Because we’re not comfortable. That’s a pretty good reason.

I’m not sure if I get your point at all.


That’s kinda a fucking selfish concept is my point. Under no circumstance is that accounting for that entity being comfortable around you

As in why people try to summon/petition entities to cast or do shit.

I wasn’t just referring to humanity. I mean literally every species does this. From single cell up to complex multicellular

This was just an annotation belaboring the odds that any being stronger than us would be proportionately cruel, so why ask them to assit

There’s not any true creation in this realm only transformation. Energy can’t be created or destroyed here.

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I’m in no way trying to say either is bad or good for that matter, just pointing out the obvious dichotomy. If entities should be banished no questions asked then why would it also be acceptable to summon them as though they are friendly.

I mean it just seems kinda messed up to treat entities of greater strength as tools to be used and discarded at a whim.

That’s just my opinion though, I wanted to get some feedback to see what the other perspectives. My vantage point is rather narrow so I would like to expand it

Power is not equal power.

You’re describing “external” power. Such power, expressed with cruelty, is in my eyes rather an expression of weakness, than strength. Weakness, with the need to mask it by making others suffer. It is the need to control others, as there is no true strength and without strength, there is no power. It’s simply cruelty. it is an expression of fears… fear, of not be in control of the situation, fear of losing the supposed power because it lacks inner strength, and fear, of being rather the weak one. From this, arises the need to act in ways, that mask such weaknesses and create a false sense of power for the person.

True power and strength comes from within. Who truely holds a power, does not have the need to display that power through cruelty.

It takes strength, to actually not let weaknesses overcome you and control your actions and behaviours. Same, for fears. Constant need of banishment, as example, may be such an expression of fears. The person who possesses true strength, has the power, to control their own fears, and not be controlled by them.

It takes strength, to not react like most people would usually, in cases, where they become outrageous, angry, will have the desire to hurt, to subdue, to humiliate the other, to actually rebel because of lack of such strength and as such, power. It takes strength, to not follow those impulses and as such, this person is the one who truely is powerful. Because, they can decide fully consciously, to choose either possible way to act and re-act - a choice, those lacking such power cannot and don’t make.

Organisms aren’t cruel. Animals aren’t cruel. They just do, what they have to do. One animal provides food for another. They don’t kill needlessly, they don’t impose needless suffering to another, they do it for a purpose. Even wars, as cruel they may be, they happen out of a purpose - nobody starts a war “needlessly”, only for the sole purpose to impose suffering on others.

And Gods… are they even Gods, if they have to become Gods first? Or, aren’t Gods just always been Gods?

As for using the energy of entities. One could, by my own experience, manifest magick, shields, banishing and so on by their own energy and will alone. However, it is more difficult to do so, than using tools and entities to assist with energy and manifestations. If you want to make a fire and have a lighter to your disposal, you’re gonna use it vs. trying to make fire the hard way by rubbing sticks.


I think what I was asking was too ambiguous. This is more or less what I’m asking.

@likeafox Why are you making six replies when you could do just one?

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Maybe you’re missing that most people banish in order to get rid of unwanted, uninvited entities, such as parasites.

Yeah, it’s okay.

So much this.

I don’t, think you can banish asmodeus… Just saying, though… I would like you to try and give me a, feedback

And you’re getting, things, wrong,… Organisms don’t need impose, their will on other beings, to exist,

But maybe, to sustain a, comfortable/luxurious existence

Demons are very wise entities, they will never let themselves be abused. R U looking for troubles right?