Lost sigil

So I’ve noticed a bit of discontentment within myself and my relationships, now I’ve burned all the sigils i have had laying around and one in particular I’ve been wanting to burn (spirit being idon from Kingdom of flame) I have searched far and wide for in and cannot find it
In this case of a lost sigil that is active how do I close the gate when I lost the seal?

Consecration is optional and also seen as a way to ignite elemental attraction or for it metaphorically and metaphysically dissipate into the wind so it has affirmed subjugation to the material plane or some form of embodiment of the psyche, only there to be eventually forgotten.

It’s only as lost as you how sealed you think it is. It is all good.
I got about a dozen engraved Sigils on my bedside draw. They won’t be going anywhere. :slight_smile: