Lost My Mojo

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Seemes to me that I Lost My Mojo in this Magick game… Lilith hardly visits me anymore and I feel like the Spirits aint support me as often anymore. And I miss it! Does anyone know why this can be and what to do?

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Disconnection can happen, usually it’s either through outside world interference or self imposed self doubt. Maybe you have given to much of your power away to people in the mundane world and because you are giving so much you feel drained and disconnected. The other possibility is that you have lost faith in yourself creating self doubt making your magick wane. So you need to make time for yourself, give yourself some time to process and stop doing everything for everyone especially those who are using you. If the self doubt is the case you need to regain your confidence so maybe start a refresher course and restudy the basics again.


Austin Powers Reference

Sounds like you need some demons in your life.


@kiss-lamia-lilith Is right. But I would add that there are roadblocks to EVERYONE’s ascension. Not just yours. Even the most powerful magicians have off days. When this happens, it’s useful to have good diagnostic skills to figure out what’s going on.


Awesome reply, thanks!

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No problem. I’ve had similar experiences and it usually boils down to those two things.

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I made a post here recently about the same thing…I have been taking a break from any workings lately and focusing on rest and reading. I’ve also stepped up my meditation and used it only to completely clear my mind and not allowed myself to go into a trance that I would use to summon. Sometimes, taking a breather is all you need. I’m starting to feel some of my energy come back now…