Lost my job

Just lost my job today.

Any help anyone could provide in any form in getting a new one quickly.

Also what entities could I work with to help me find something quickly?


Sorry to see that, try scanning this topic, and hopefully you’ll get some other useful answers as well:


Tri-headed, red-orange dragon and Egyptian not so Egyptian demonic king. There’s your hint.

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Oh and theyre both from the Goetia.

Is this one entity or three?

2 entities

Buné and Amaymon

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Bune is great for getting money…That is, once you have a source to get money from. I’d recommend petitioning Belial if you’re going to work with a Spirit.

His enn: Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehl Belial

His sigil:

After that, Bune and / or Clauneck would be great for getting money quicker, once you’ve got a job going. Not that Belial wouldn’t be good at it too. :+1:


Bune and King Paimon.

One out of two right, lol.