Lost motivation

What do you guys do when you lose your motivation to meditate?

Guided mediation. Stop for a while, the urge comes back. Do it before work after a walk.

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There’s some truth in this IMO.

Motivation is great but sometimes you have to push through what the whiny toddler inside wants, forever seeking new and shiny things, and just commit.

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Yes right, and I meant with stop for a while take a break and mostly you will come back stronger.
Because when stopping you can read and advance to.

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@Lady_Eva is correct. Push through the whiney toddler phase and force the forming of a new habit. Meditation doesn’t have to be complicated, hell you could multi task and pull it off during your morning toilet. Or on the train to work etc. I’ve been reminded that devotion to your journey is the most important factor in progress.


I take a break and try later. Though I can’t say it is lack of motivation for me.

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Motivation comes from a position of strength. If you feel “blah” attend to physical needs first - good nutrition/sleep /hydration etc. When you start to feel “good” your motivation will return.


People who meditate on a regular basis do that for different reasons.
At the beginning, it could be a desire to achieve something. If desired results do not come, it’s normal to lose motivation. But, maybe you can experience something you didn’t expect, so your motivation will change. The reason doesn’t have to be the same, maybe you will just find some pleasure in that process.
If you still find it’s just a waste of time and there is something else you would like to do instead of meditating, I can recommend to think about how to deal with this problem.
Group meditations are just one of many good ways to move on.

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go surfing and golfing and fishing you will naturally meditate when doing these things nature simply draws you in .

I saw your post when I first joined BALG, and have been trying to find it again. I think there is a lot of wisdom packed into this idea. Many times in life, people get stuck in a “paralysis by analysis” stage for far too long because they are waiting to find the right motivation (I used to see this constantly in the fitness industry as well with clients who wouldn’t workout until they found the perfect motivation). Although, there is something to be said about proper nutrition and identifying dopamine/serotonin inhibiting factors (i.e. Addictions to porn, internet, video gaming, social media, etc.) more often than not, we create our own ultimate motivation. If we don’t have it initially, we have to push forward anyway and only after we push (when we don’t feel like it) do we find the mythical motivation we sought.

By the way, I stole your meme and it is now my new lock screen on my phone. I hope you don’t mind. :sunglasses:

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Not at all, I’m not its creator, but am honoured to be its vehicle. :smiley:

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The honor is mine Lady Evangeline. From what I’ve seen in my time on BALG so far, you seem to almost single handedly keep this place running allowing we Magick kind to have a refuge from the tempest.

Were it not for your efforts, many :duck: would not be as far along in the process of becoming :swan:, so on behalf of myself anyway, many thanks!