Losing everything (help)

ive tried to contact lucifer for more than three times i think i had some result, and i felt his energy once
I did ask him for help, and i felt he listened to me since im a beginner i cant hear or talk to spirits
It was really a life changing decision thas why i asked his help, but it didnt turn out to be good, and right now i feel like im losing everything
I went through a bad break up too it broke me into pieces and im still depressed because of the relationship
Im broke, my future just crashed and lost hope, i feel like everything in the world is working against me

I have faith in lucifer, i just want to know that is this a act of lucifer? I mean do spirits really mess you up to be strong

( im posting this because i have no one to ask)


Only spend time on the forum you can afford to spend here. And no spirit did this to you, it’s easy to blame others for your own problems. Only coming to terms with all the mistakes you made, and all the opportunities you failed to take, could help you get out of your hole.


Don’t worry, man. Even if you did try to envoke Lucifer, he has heard you. I am no mere expert but after reading your events, he definitely heard you.

With Destructions comes a new rebirth. Probably he may have seen the toxicities that have somehow gotten involved in your lives and he is removing it in a sense. Have faith and let the flow of time heal the things that have effected you.


It is not that important to hear or see a spirit in my opinion. What matters are the result in longterm. I know it is hard, but be patient and continue working towards your goals.


You are the tower. Everything seems to be falling apart. However what is happening is all the old crumbling foundations are being shaken and what remains is what you will build your new identity on. This process of transformation is scary and abrupt but it is integral for real growth. Especially in the realm of spirit. You can’t build a sturdy house on shaky foundations. Allow the process to happen naturally and use this as a time for inner work and healing. Allow the process to unfold. It is far easier to accept it. Then move through it. This is a stage that all magick workers go through. Learn the tarot because it can help show you where you are in the process.


Also, my suggestion would be to be completely open and be vigilant, symbols and signs appear in your day to day activities so quickly that you miss these good shit.

Animals, certain words that resonate to you when people talk, the activity you’re doing, the music you’re listening to… etc… and also be chill af… lol, hopefully you recover with strong experience and willpower


Lucifer heard you.

I know right now everything seems hopeless, but sometimes everything we are, everything we hold on to, has to be broken to make room for new growth. As its said in Fight Club, “Only after disaster can we be resurrected. It’s only after you’ve lost everything that you’re free to do anything.” Growth is painful, if it wasn’t there would be a lot more people trying to better themselves.

I know that doesn’t help the way you feel right now, I’ve been down that road myself, and all I can say is it gets better. The most important thing to remember though is you aren’t alone in the struggle, there are a ton of great people here happy to help, hell if you just want to rant feel free to pm me. Keep your head up (much easier said than done) and keep on trying/learning/growing. The path is rough right now, but keep walking things will clear up.


Everyone that has commented is correct…I work with all kinds of dark goddesses. When you call them, they screw everything in your life up. After years of this I just roll with it because I know that what ever the results, the change will be for the better. I’ve never worked with Lucifer so I’m not sure if he works the same way or not. Also keep in mind this happens every time you get a new initiation if you decide to work with a group in the future or do any self initiations.


You only need to invite him into your life once, he will be there.

How do you feel he listened to you?

You were asking about an EA Koetting Love spell some time ago, so I feel that this relationship was already on the rocky side.

In life, people in general are extremely short sighted and think only about themselves and tend to feel like life always happens to them not realizing that life happens for them.

What have you lost, take a good look at those things, how many of them truly benefited and enhanced your life and well being?

Your future is unwritten, because you have not written it yet.

Nothing in your world works against you unless you give it power to manifest in your life.

You can’t have both. Faith cancels out doubt, but doubt cancels out faith, you need to decide the path you’ll take.

This has not been my case, I know that for anything to manifest it takes time, changes are subtle. They don’t happen immediately. Everything I see and experienced are course corrections. Small efforts now make big changes later that is how things work imo.

There are plenty of people here that care about you and that you can lean on and I’m glad you shared your thoughts and feelings.


Thank you for the words really appreciate it
im trying to be strong

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Thank you im trying my best


Yes everything has already fallen apart and im trying to be positive and stay strong
Thank you


Thank you i saw,some signs probably dreams

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Thank you for the words, yes i have lost everything im starting from zero
Appreciate the words :pray:

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yes i keep my trust in lucifer whatver hapeens i will have to face
Thanks :slight_smile:

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I can feel you. I was in a situation where everything seemed to fall apart. But it was all obstacles in the end. You will see that in the long run you will be stronger and all that has fallen apart will be replaced by better things. My advice to you is to stay strong and be patient. Dont lose hope


I felt his energy once, cant put it into words i felt like punching a wall

Thank you for taking time to read and replying
Appreciate it

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Thank you man im trying to be strong
Appreciate the words


Thank you guys for taking your time and replying
It means alot, ill update whatever good comes into my life in the future
I have to start from zero again
Appreciate the help from all :heart:

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im not blaming im just asking because i have no clue
Yes i have made some mistakes (not on purpose) im trying to get together myself and thanks for the reply

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