Lord Yeesch

Would anyone be willing to assist me with petitioning Lord Yeesch to help me in the removal of a humongous parasite which has lodged itself into my energy field? It’s as tall as the floor to cieling and much larger than my body, and it refuses to listen when I commanded it to leave. It looks almost like a xenomorph with different colors, textures, and it slithers around my head.

My spirit guides recommended I ask BALG for assistance due to its extremely large size and energetic hold.


@anon39079500? This is right up your alley, but I know you just moved so might not be set up to eat a parasite right now.


I can look into it tomorrow. Should have the proper time for it later in the evening.


With gratitude, thank you.

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Yw. I won’t be calling on Lord Yeesch. I don’t have a relationship with him. Meant to add that above and forgot.

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No problem, thank you for clarifying. :slight_smile:

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To inform you, I pushed a portion of it out of my ear and a few moments ago it painfully forced itself back into my energy field. It hasn’t been this explicitly physically aggressive before; the force of it re-penetrating my ear led to very sharp physical pain. It typically just pushes back against my pushing, and it’s physically stabbing back at me painfully.

Not intending to bother you, but just thought a heads up on its aggression would be polite.

I’m getting ready to start your ritual.

You need to have the patience and discipline to do the instructions I gave you in private. It’s been less than a few days. If you don’t raise you’re vibration, you will continue to be food. Your choice.

Several days ago, I gave you instructions privately on what to do for this to both lessen it and help prevent it in the future. I would encourage you to follow them, as they are basic hygiene for newer folks in this field.

Refer to the tutorials for your petitions. It take almost nothing out of you to do them.

The parasite already knows. Doesnt matter.


I will be, thank you for being straight forward. I appreciate you doing the ritual.

It is done. I dissolved the parasite, converted the energy, and absorbed it personally.

Do your meditations, your banishings, and raise your vibrations (whether dark or light). The distinction only matters at the lesser levels. Where “dark” and “light” has an EMOTIONAL distinction. Energy doesnt care.

Best of luck.


Much gratitude :slight_smile: Thank you for the advice.