Lord Yeesch - The Destroyer Of Parasites and Impostors From The Legions of King Paimon



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indeed,you can use it.


Thanks mate. :blush::+1:

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can we make offering for him? and is it good to do a ritual for king paimon befor kuke veesch?

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offerings can be used like gateways, The Best are always blood or sexual fluids since those are parts of ourselves and since we are gods then we can bring those spirits from the void.

its better to evoke veesch using the name of paimon for example:

“Demonic Lord Veesch,Destroyer and consumer of parasites
i call you,i summon thee by the name of thy king Paimon”


This is great! I’m glad it popped back up recently. I’ll definitely try this.

(I couldn’t help myself) Me: "This a parasite… YEESCH!"


Anybody want to share successful stories with this ?