Lord Rosier

Does anyone have links to good information on Lord Rosier? I have been through all the relevant stuff on here but want more info and don’t feel like playing a game of “Fact or Crap” with websites to get it.



In Father Sebastien Michaelis’s Histoire admirable de la Possession et conversion d’une penitente (1612), he named the ARCHDEMON Rosier as the 273 Rosier patron devil of seduction and the prince of the demonic Order of Dominations (see PRINCES OF HELL). One of the FALLEN ANGELS, formerly of the Order of Dominions, Rosier is the demon of love, lust, seduction, and tainted love. When summoned he appears as a stunningly beautiful man or woman, assuming this guise whenever possible in order to tempt people to fall in love so that they will sin.

Rosier has the ability to cause people to fall hopelessly in love, turning them from God and their spouse; he also gives the gift of fanciful and romantic speech. The personal adversary of this demon is Saint Basil."

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Rosier sigil

From personal accounts:

Rosier is a very pleasant demon, who is eager to help with all love, romance, and sexual related things.

Hope this helps.


Excellent info - I was working with a lot less.

But he is good to work with. Very quiet, quieter than the Goetics and sometimes you wonder if anything is happening but he’s there working in the background doing his thing.

Your additional information made me think “OK - wow, that explains A LOT” and some things clicked into place.



Can you give step by step to call him?


Use the search facility…

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Did you use the sigil activation method? Which offering did you give?

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So is he fast in working? To which Qliphot does he belong?


i know you asked this for 4 years ago,
but yes he is very fast working… at least for me, isaw results in same day … within minutes


How do you work with Rosier? I tell you how you do it.

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how i do work with him ?
draw his sigil on a paper, then look at it, offer him some goods and tell him my wishs


I will try to get results, could you contact me by PM?

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