Lord Marduk!

So Lord Marduk seems very interesting to me…I did a bit of digging and I came across the 50 names…I am mainly looking for 2 things. Healing and Psychic senses. But his 50 aspects does not include healing or psychic senses. Well one of the aspects does talk about ESP but I think clairvoyance and clairaudience is more than that.

So Anyone here worked with Marduk?
Is he friendly and kind?

Now he is Martian so that kind of scares me. I would definately think twice before approaching a Martian entity.

Can Lord Marduk heal the body?

And I am also thinking about invoking Lord Marduk…Is it a good idea?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Have you tried using the search function? I know there are threads on experiences with Marduk.


I have done tremendous research and I have found some great info on this forum regarding Lord Marduk. One guy even wrote about how he used his 3rd name for protection. Great stuff.

But I just cannot find anything about Lord Marduk’s nature. Like how is he actually like.

And I haven’t found any information on him healing others. I know that he can help in most aspect of one’s life, but not too sure in the healing department.

To be fair I ignore most of the threads talking about a persons individual experience with a spirit. They tend to show up how they want to show up and the experience can vary drastically from one person to another.

You also have to factor in we aren’t all living in reality here and a some of the experiences can be dismissed altogether- sometimes the persons fcking crazy. Sometimes they want attention etc.

I also quit asking and posting this sort of thing a while back. I didn’t feel like I got anywhere with it and if I wanted to know what a spirit was like, I could summon them myself.

Now that isn’t to say I go in blind. I do a general search looking for information like you’ve already found usually. Sometimes even that isn’t available so you just have to roll with w/e.

Gosh I’m opinionated the last few days. Not sure what’s gotten into me sorry.


Just wondering, Can an imposter spirit come through when invoking?
I mean that would be awful, having an imposter spirit inside my body

Well, Marduk is a Lord of Order. He is a child of Tiamat, the Dragon of Chaos, and is responsible for overcoming Her in the great battle for the cosmos.

He has been described as stern, and not to be evoked for trivial matters. Those who like to claim that all spirits are really just masks of certain popular spirits equate him with Jupiter, Lucifer, Yahweh, Baal and Azazel, among others.

This gives a brief description of what he is like:


Ty so much!

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