Lord Lucifer & Lord Buddha

I love Lord Lucifer but i’m also impressed by Lord Buddha
Would it be Ok to follow both ?

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It’s okay to mix pathworkings. :slight_smile:
If in doubt speak to Lucifer about your concerns. I am sure he will guide you.


Yes. I work with deities from several Pantheons and they have no issues.

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Actually Lucifer encourages working with more than one spirit.

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Actually they are not really complementary :flushed:

What makes you say so? I would like to know.

Ask them, some entities rather you focus on one being at a time first. Such as Odin. So if you ask Lucifer and Ask Buddha and see what they feel about it then I say go for it. Better safe than sorry.


I agree. Not only this but from a personal experience I think it depends what you are doing of course but working/interacting with more than one spirit can be quite a handful. Sometimes you end up feeling overwhelmed and distracted if you try to take on too much at a time. Also it is important to commit to something properly especially if a spirit is teaching us and investing their time into us. It’s important I think to show them that we care.

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Yup it would

According a german travel who was in a subterranean city in his books. The secret tibet yes all get along. The ting is sepate altars.

Whenever I think of Buddha i feel peace inside a sense of tranquility. …
I don’t know why but i feel i’m being attracted toward Lord Buddha

The usual vibe a person gets from hearing Buddha is peace and tranquility because that’s what it has been equated to for a long time.

If you feel you’re being attracted to it you should look into it and see if it’s a legitimate attraction.