Lord Clauneck

So today I evoked Lord Clauneck not to ask for help or tell my wishes to him but to thanked him and show gratitude for his help. I am unemployed for almost a month that time and for the first time I evoke Lord Clauneck I ask for help and told all my wishes and the next day I received 2 Job offers. Thats why today I evoke him again to thank him and also to tell him that I made an altar for him (also gave him offerings).after evocation I head outside to go to my favorite coffee shop while on my way I saw a green butterfly flying and a few seconds its gone. Is there any meaning behind this guys? Well anyway I just want to post here to say Thanks to Lord Clauneck.

PS: sorry for my grammar and english I live in Japan and not good in english at all hihi


the Butterfly could represent opportunity,
and especially in green,
going along with Clauneck and him already working in your favor,
it might indicate abundance and freedom,
that you’re not aware of being possible yet.

i’d say expect to encounter a miracle,
where you get way more,
then you originally asked for.

Apart from that,
i’d like to invite you:

You may use this Frog Idol,
to empower your own Altar directed towards wealth and Clauneck.

Since you mentioned being unexpierienced in how to do so,
here’s a quick run down,
of how you can establish a string of current,
of that energy,
to flow through your altar:

Open up the Picture,
of the Kek Idol,
you like the most.

Place it into your left hand (Mobile Phone),
or in front of you on the PC Screen.

Look at the Idol,
and assume it’s breathing,
a real creature.

Hold your left hand towards it,
and keep your left hand pulsating,
along with the percieved breath of the Creature.

Pulsate the Energy into your arm,
through your shoulders and chest,
out of your right arm,
directing it with the right arm,
towards the Altar,
or a specific Idol,
you want to imbue with this power.

Let the energy flow through you,
so you can percieve,
and acknowledge for yourself,
that it’s really flowing into the Altar or idol.

Do that,
for as long as you can withstand the current.

Once it’s to strong for you to hold it within your body,
simply step back,
take your hands away from the Creature and the Altar,
and see it still flowing forth,
in front of you.

you created a constant,
working link.

close the picture,
and look at the Alter or idol you imbued directly.

See the Energy,
you’ve recognized pulsating through your body,
increasing and filling the Object of your own magick,
with it’s power.

Mantra that you can use along with creating the link:

Pulsua divitiae.

(bring forth riches.)

Mantra you can use to seal the Altar or Idol you own yourself,
to keep the Link locked in place:

Ash Tad alash, Tal Asht’tu.

You can either speak those mantras until you’re exhausted,
and can’t speak anymore.

Or you can do them in set’s of three,
for up to nine,
maximum 27 repetitions.

At your current stage,
going for exhaustion should be easier.


I think for you,
in Japanese culture the Original Frog Idol i enchanted,
represents wealth and attraction of good fortune already,
doesn’t it?

It’s original name,
in your culture should be Jin Chan,
pr Chan Chu, if i got that right.

Please correct me,
if i mixxed these up to much. :wink:

(for reference)





I would say yes, his color is green, it’s not a coincidence.


Thank You so much for this kind sir! I will try this tomorrow after work. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the verification :slight_smile:

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