Lord Agares - Duke of the Infernal Empire (A.K.A. Agaros, Agreas)



Hello Everyone,

I had recently had an experience with Agares, Duke of the Infernal Empire. I was chanting his enn “Rean ganen ayer da Agares” as a form of meditation when he appeared before me. He appeared much like his description stated in the Lesser Key of Solomon. He appeared as an old man, mounted on a crocodile and holding a hawk in his right hand.

He chuckled as his stroked the belly of the hawk as he appeared before. The crocodile that he sat upon, let out a deep snarl. What started out as a meditation, turned into being a ritual which resulted in a deal.

I won’t say what the deal was or what became of it as of yet but I would like to hear what your experiences have been with this entity.

I am indeed quite fascinated and would love to hear what you guys and girls have to say.


-Damian Odinson


Ive not worked with him, but interested in hearing your experiences with this. Do keep posted :+1: