Lookit my lil Hermetic ass go...lol

So…I almost astral projected fully today but the sudden realization that I was doing it sucked me back into my body. Lol not out of fear. I just assess everything so quickly I jumped back into the now entirely too soon.
I was meditating during a thunderstorm. Not guided. Just me and the storm. I found so much peace while it crackled and boomed. Sitting up, hands upward, and breathing. Water hitting the palms tree leaves hard and the fluctuation of rain sounds going from torrential to moderate. I really got comfy and then my body jumped like something shot out of me, knee jerk nerve, but I wasnt in deep state. I was just comfortable mentally. Shortly after my back was hurting so I laid down as I do when I do hypnosis downloads. I wasnt asleep but I fell into deep state to a point where I let my brain go into think whatever the fuck you want and go with it mode. It goes by quick like going through a tunnel with pictures and words streming past. Too much information for a short time like "The truck in the rain/the dog needs a bath/visualizing fur/fur shifts to area he resides in/flips to kitchen necessities list in my head/lights flash/next scene/ etc etc etc. ADD speed but I wasnt dreaming. I was too aware of the fact I was watching this “awake” and it was just thought processes. Then I got lost in it. I was processing some scene, like for some reason I walked to my living room and my aunt was in my living room on the couch so I approached her. She was silent just staring at me but not really. Her face showed no emotion that she knew I was there but it seemed like she knew? Anyways, I was brought back to the back of my eyelids. I kept hearing the rain…and then I saw my eyes crack open ever so slightly and a small orb in front of them. Greenish yellow swirly ball above the foot of my bed. Mucous color… like when you’re sick. Then my “body” lifted. I thought it was me! I felt me leave the mattress. I felt myself lift. It wasnt until I didnt feel my hips bend and saw from the peripheral my hands on the bed still as I had “my hands” off the bed that the physical was left behind. Then I was like oh shit!
And I got sucked back into my body immediately. That’s the trippy part. Lol and when I opened my eyes my body felt smooth. Never have I ever. I been lucid before at night feeling that I’m awake and cant get up sleep paralysis Anubis looking dogs holding me down and shit in the past…but never projected out like that fully aware. I’m sharing this bc its progress to my ever active hard to sit still brain.
Good comments/questions from those who have already mastered this are welcome as well as from those beginning the journey.


Its so frustrating when you are almost there and then the realization pulls you back in :weary: i havent completed it myself since it seems to get harder each time ( i get more and more excited each time and it yanks me back harder and harder) i think the key is to let go of your interest in accomplishing this and maintain your focus on the task and not the sensation as much as possible. Stay strong and keep trying friend :slight_smile:


Mannn yes! It’s been harder but also my free time had been monopolized as well so I now have to start from scratch. I ordered a charged demon divination mirror to be able to connect quicker and see who is willing to work with me.

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Have you had any notable progress in the time since your original post?