Looking to expand my personal library

I have quite a collection of occult writings,but ever voracious about acquiring more! So leave me your recommendations for books to add to my collection!

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All of Bardons books and the magical letters of the Fraternitas Saturni if you are able to understand German. I don’t know if they have been translated, but they carry a great deal of wisdom especially in subjects like egregore creation and sex magic.

Appreciated! Although my German is less than adequate for reading lol. I’ll look for translated versions.

Dude, u german,? I have see in abebooks. A book by frater daniel. German guy. Abebooks is great place its a guy call frank. I tnk. Who his books are, Translate in german.

I’m of German descent but I’m not from Germany.
I’ve only learned enough to say hello and goodbye lol
I’ll check out your selections as well!

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