Looking to bring Money in to my Business

HI there, I realize there is a large amount of material on Money, Wealth etc already in this forum. I will however spell out my particular situation in the hopes that someone can help me with specifically what I need.

I am looking for a Demon who can help me generate income from my Business. I work as a Junior Real Estate Agent and am Commission based. I’m relatively new to the industry and desperately need to make some sales. I’m not afraid of doing the work. What I need is to generate quality and serious leads for both Buyers and Sellers.

Previously I have worked with Belial. I have to admit the relationship has been patchy, and although my last ritual went as planned I find communicating with him exceedingly difficult. I see Demons here and there described as “bringing riches” or “used for seeking help with creative business endeavours”. I am thinking of working with Marchosias as confidence is something that is essential in my line of work. I would however like to hear YOUR thoughts on who may benefit me the most in my situation.

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Try Bune?

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Bune or Claunek would fit the bill for demons. Ghob, the Elemental King of Earth, would be useful as well.

Barakiel, the Angel of Laughter and Abundance, is awesome to work with.

You can search the forum for information on all of them.


I haven’t had a huge amount of luck with Clauneck either. Do you recommend Bune and Clauneck from personal experience?

I do not have any experience with them, but many on this forum have. I know there is a thread somewhere that mentioned Bune helping out with a business.

I have worked with Ghob though. He is very helpful but be prepared to work, as he expects you to do your part.


Thank you. I think I will stick with Goetia work for the minute, as my need is quite dire and this is where I have the most experience.

I think you’re on the right track with confidence. It’s a very valuable tool in sales. Hand in hand with that, is charisma. I know there’s a Goetic spirit for that, but can’t remember who, ATM. Confidence and charisma will make people want to buy a house from you.

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What is it about your technique that loses the sale? Discover that and then link it to the appropriate entity to resolve.

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Hey HermesHorse, it’s not losing the sale, it’s bringing the leads/listings to me in the first place :slight_smile:

Dunno about demons

But planetary wise
Saturn and venus to banish poverty(negative money influences really, but poverty is a word that covers most of that) and create the vacuum for the next combos

The moon and mercury can be used to bring in new business.

The moon and venus to bring in new sources of income.

The sun and mercury to shine a spotlight on your business and for a healthy business.

Jupiter and mercury to expand business.

Mercury and venus to improve both business communications and relationships

Jupiter and venus to expand incomes.

And i just gave myself a week of ritual for later to test at work as well after i pick up a few things :rofl:

I would suggest Clauneck. He works best with an established avenue and it sounds like you have it. He’s quite lovely and kind also. But be prepared to work your ass off because he’ll bring the work in.

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