Looking into getting a new Tarot deck

I already have the Wild Unknown Tarot deck, and it’s GREAT. However I’m looking into maybe getting a second deck (still in the thinking phase).

For me the Wild Unknown seemed more like shadow work whenever I did readings, and I don’t want that right now. What I’m saying is my readings weren’t really… negative but I would get alot of readings touching on me having blockages, alot of reversed cards, and the tower crashing, etc.

I also realize that certain types of decks are geared towards different things, or made slightly different/unique in their own approach. Although all seem to have a common base obviously.

My interest would be a deck with a brighter, but earthy feel/art style. I’m not into colorful deck, but ones that seem grounded, and who’s art is more earthy/even fae related. Of course the deck would need to be for general readings, able to cover alot for me. (Things like love, work, where my energy is directed/headed, and some divination for both mudane AND spiritual matters).


try the shadowscape deck


I’ll look into it, thanks.

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@Mindseeker - I have the Druidcraft Tarot and love it. The one that comes with the large book. It’s earthy and easy on the eye. It is in colour but not garish ones.

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I don’t really read reversed cards. I mean, like if you turn your deck upside down they will all be reverse, and if you just kinda mash them all up on the table, I guess, I don’t really see it as shuffling. I have just been using a computer program I wrote to read cards, and I have been using the images from here
Tarot Card Meanings – a general idea. It isn’t really a dark deck, it seems like a kinda cheery and fun deck featuring demons, although given the by-sa license on it I suppose anyone could make a darker deck out of it.

I know BALG is supposed to come out with a deck soon. From what I saw of it it looked good as far as symbolism. Honestly most decks seem like just art decks to me.

When I saw this deck here many years ago https://www.deviantart.com/stalkinghyena/journal/TAROT-UPDATE-602005437 I was really impressed by it. Too bad it was never finished. I think I might buy it if it is a finished complete deck, although I think now I prefer the simplistic symbolism of the Belial Tarot.

Also note for people trying to create tarot decks. I believe it is better to start with doing the small cards first, that is the ace - ten of each suit, then the court cards, then the major arcana. Too many people think they know what they are doing with the major arcana, and then just make crap for the numbered suit cards. Also, the smaller cards give you a chance to mess up and make things that maybe are not so great, and that experience will make your other cards better.

This deck has been really tempting me, but I’m sure I don’t need it, it is of course a rainbows and unicorns deck. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cosmiceye/rainbow-unicorn-tarot-a-traditional-78-card-deck/description

If you like horror and the black and white images, I love the illustrations on this deck TAROT — RYAN SHEFFIELD // ARTIST // WRITER // GAME DESIGNER

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true black I plan to get next lol

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I’m definitely for earthy (art wise and vibe wise) decks. I DONT like bright colors, or that sort of thing. Dark browns, greens, trees, animals, and maybe even fae would suit me.

Not into overly dark decks, (art and color wise), it seems to affect my readings. Although I do appreciate the art.

Have you tried the Witch’s Tarot, Ellen Dugan? Sounds like you might be a fan…


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My favorite decks.