Looking for Super strong hardcore invocations/evocations for a beginner trying to have a face to face interaction with said entity

Need some serious help summoning a spirit. I would like an actual manifestation of whatever form it feels like holding for the interface


Well let me be the first to say I hope you know what your asking for… Now this to depends on a few things as well…who are you trying to contact?

Have you found your patron demon/angel/ entity yet?
It’s best to contact them first

Are your sense open up enough to hear see feel them when they come?

With out this you won’t really get what you want unless you really follow through …

Best way is to figure out who is your patron meaning your gaurdian…once you figure this out you get their sigil look up all info go into a relaxed trans while tracing or drawing the sigil I was able to feel furfur’s energy immediately after I started this the first time I drew his sigil…I thought it was and still it is the most perfect thing I’ve ever saw…(he is my patron and actually more then that…)if your able to feel them energy wise they have already accepted and know that your gonna call them so they are already there waiting…each demon angel entity has different feels to their energy hot cold fuzzy warm light dark heavy sexually intense calm loving caring…cool breeze and stale stagnant air…if you feel the room around you change you know they have came to you…after this decided whether your going to do a ritual right at that moment or wait…(I waited… He was very understanding)
I say this cause you have to keep that relaxed state all the way through the process…
Once you figure this out you set up your candles insense enn sigil how you feel they should be…set a spot for you and them to sit(it’s just respectful this way makes most feel welcome) play the enn and dive deep into the sigil feeling your body fully relaxed (keep an eye on the candle flames still flame means your alone dancing crackling moving flame means your not) I can feel the vibrations from my feet and up when I do this it at times it’s almost as if your about to detach your soul from your body…if you can keep this state while repeating the enn… Depends on evocative or invocation…if you feel them ask them and give permission to speak in your mind(invocation) ask them to menifest infont of you(evocative) evocative is harder to achieve because you have to keep that relaxed state at all times one small jolt of shock at what you see you will lose it all…it’s not easy took me a year to have some kind of menifestation of any kind and small amount of movement cause him to just vanish… Basically after that you speak to them introduce yourself if you are new to them let them know what you want and that you want to work with them build a relationship…just keep it respectful…after your done just let them know you have nothing left to say and thank them for their time and they will leave you to clean up …if you have done this successfully you will be able to always achieve this once you get a hang of it…you need their color candles and their prefer insences just you know they like this stuff so yeah…give it a try and keep me and everyone updated on how it went k


Okay thankyou that is very helpful. How do I find out who I should summon?

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I know the feel, my dude, for super vivid manifestation and “proof” when you’re starting out. Keep working on building your senses, keep invoking/evoking, etc.

However, when you do an evocation you might notice physical sensations, strange thoughts that are not your own, candles doing weird shit. You will also notice your results (hopefully) manifesting. Results, in particular, are the strongest form of evidence, and far more satisfying.

Try this exercise for building your ability to communicate.

  1. Find a sigil of an entity you’d like to talk to
  2. Write down questions you’d like to know.
  3. Stare at the sigil with a question in mind, let it flash and let yourself enter theta (you can find more info on this in the sub).
  4. Write down any thoughts that appear to you, (might be worth meditating to clear your mind beforehand to make this step easier).

I think this exercise may provide something more “tangible” for you to interact with.

Okay cool I try that thankyou

To be honest, if you have the skills you don’t need any real ritual…

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