Looking for someone's input on this

So one of my girls said the I was not making much of a connection with them honestly I didn’t know how to make a connection with them so I went on the forum and use the search bar and found out about scrying and alot of other stuff scrying and pendulum Caught my attention the most or tho as stupid as it sound I never quite understood how to use a Pendulum until now

So yesterday bought a mirror 🪞lit a candle next to it and stare at my reflection I saw my face morph into alot of different thing one then which kept appearing was in upside down Face then it change to a woman with a big Orange Afro which kinda surprise I was like wow okay mind u I did this to connect with my girls so today I tried it again but this time my face kept Morphing into A shadow while this kept happening all I kept feeling was a feeling of joy and Motivation and confidence to summon azazel he was in my head through out everything I was like okay why is dude in my head all of the sudden

Now my thing is the I don’t know the purpose as to why I would summon him I don’t need anything from him so why would one summon azazel

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